Into Nowhere

Tristan Tyler is on his way to a job interview when the train he is on crashes. He awakes to see a ghost and follows it to a deserted railway...


1. Part One

Part 1


Tristan Tyler panted as he ran to the station. Sweat dripped from his forehead while he continually ran, his black shirt sticking to his back, his jeans flapping behind him and catching in the wind. Tristan admitted that he could of dressed up more, but he had been in a massive rush this morning, and he didn't want to be late for his first ever job interview. Nearly there, he repeatedly told himself, trying to distract himself from the growing aches in his legs. Tristan ran and ran. He knew he couldn't be late and he knew he couldn't give up.

Tristan began to slow down as he reached the train station. The station was busier than usual for so early in the morning; families, business men and women, screaming children, barking dogs and screeching cats proved this. Tristan boarded his train to Manchester and wandered for a seat. Everywhere was full, lots of people obviously needed to go to Manchester. He decided to stand and watched the world go by as the train sped up.

Hours passed. Boredom reeked from the carriage as the journey got longer and people began to fall asleep and moan to the person nearest. Tristan became so tired of standing up that he took his jacket from the luggage rack and sat down on the carriage floor, which caused many turned heads and the train almost felt human again as chatter began to buzz throughout. Tristan felt pleased with himself because he felt as if mission was accomplished. He then fell asleep.

The train bounced and bumped, waking Tristan and many others up. He thought nothing odd of this and stretched his legs out. Then lights began to flicker. And the train crashed.



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