Kidnapped By Tomlinson

16 year old Amy was walking home from work one dark, foggy evening, and heard scuffiling feet behind her - She didn't care. Nothing would happpend to her she told herself, then suddenly she felt breath on her neck and found a hand covering her mouth. She gasped for air; she found herself in a black fan it was dark, cold and mysterouis... Was this a prank? Who did it? She struggled to think if she was kidnapped: Read more to find out the rest!


1. Kidnapped.

I was trotting along a dusty footbath one Monday night. I just left school from a long tireing day. I heard a scurrieng sound behind me... "Probaly nobody." I told myself. Then suddenly I relised a cold wide hand stretching across my face. I stayed quite to see if it carried on. Maybe I was just dreaming. But no I wasant dreaming... Grasping, snatching, launching I was chucked into a van. It was silent and all you heard was the pounding of my heart thumping visously. The wind howled at me casting shadows around the van. I heard the vans engine puff and take of. I pulled my phone out my pocket. I scrolled down to contacts and straight away called my Mom. It rang loudly as I patiently waited for someone to answer.

"Hey honey." She declared.

"Mom, I have been kidnapped." I whispered.

"Honey, where are you stay calm I'm coming!" She warned me. I peeped out the small window and scanned outside. "I'm at the dump, the one next to Asda." I told my Mom.

"Me and your father are on our way!" She replied. "We'll be right there."

When the call finished I stayed as still as I could...

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