My guardian angel (1d fanfic)

Do u believe in guardian angles well Lauren does what will happen when her nan dies and she is all alone. And meets some people very different.


1. chapter one

"Why did it have to be me"

I'm Lauren and I'm 18 I have long brown hair and green eyes I live by myself in London I used live with my nan but she died so now I'm all alone.

I was sat on my bed flicking through Facebook bored out of my mind. Suddenly my phone started to ring. It was Jeff my boss I work at a little store down town.

Hello I said

Hi Lauren I want u to come and meet me soon at the local pub we need to Chat

Errrm sure I will be there in 10 bye

Bye he said.

I grabbed some clothes from my wardrobe and changes it was just jeans and a Rolling Stones Tshirt I'm not a fan but I got it from my mum before she died both my mum and dad died in a car crash when I was 13 so I lived with my nan back in Cheshire. When she died I moved to London to get away.

I grabbed my phone I headed for the pub it's about a ten min walk.

Harry's pov ......

Me and the lads were sat on the sofa watching some rubbish tv show.

Lads can we go the pub for a bit please I begged

Yes Niall screamed

Sure the rest of the lads said

I went to get changed

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