In Love With My Foster Brother

Life in a orphanage can be fun but it can be lonely. I know, I have loads of brothers and sisters in here but lonely as in no friends. I mean no one gets along with their siblings all the time. Being the eldest my life is a lot more difficult than the younger ones but will it change when I get fostered.



I stare at my cuts and rub my thumb over them. First I put on a band aid over it then I make sure it's completely invisible by putting on concealer over it. I brush my hair put it up then smile in the mirror. Practicing for when I walk out.  Being a wife to the biggest boy band in history is hard, it's very hard. I stand up in my heels and walk out my room. "Hello babe." Louis says and leans in the kiss me. Sutily, I avoid it. "Are you okay?" Louis asks. I nod and walk away. It's not the same now I know Niall has feelings for me or that I think I have feelings for Niall. Can you love two people at once? Niall sits down next to me and stays silent. "Niall!" Lou shouts and he gets straight back up. Lou and Lux is round today  giving new hairstyle suggestions? I don't know hwy to be honest. Lux runs into the living room. "T, T!" She giggles. I laugh at her and pick her up to sit on my lap. "Peppa! Peppa! Peppa!" She shouts and I put on Peppa Pig for her. She's to cute. Louis sits down next to me. Lux is asleep and he puts his hand on my leg. "This could be us in a year, sat with our child watching tv in our own house." Louis rubs my leg. I pass Lux to Louis and walk away. I can't handle this. I need Liam! I knock on his door and enter. "Liam I-" I start to say but I see he's kissing some girl. He brakes the kiss and looks up. "I'm so sorry." I say and walk out. Zayn next! I then walk to Zayn's room knock and walk in. He's sleeping. I walk out. Harry is with Lou and I can't talk to Niall or Louis as it's about them. I have no one. I realize I have no friends. I have the boys and Lou but no one else. Simon and I don't get along and I just have no one. Louis and Johannah don't talk so me and her don't. I miss mine and Johannah's talks. We haven't spoke in so long.

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