In Love With My Foster Brother

Life in a orphanage can be fun but it can be lonely. I know, I have loads of brothers and sisters in here but lonely as in no friends. I mean no one gets along with their siblings all the time. Being the eldest my life is a lot more difficult than the younger ones but will it change when I get fostered.



Movie day with Louis today. I sit on the sofa.  "Babe, I love you." Louis says. It's cute, I love him too but I love Niall? Is it really possible to love to people at the same? I turn to tell him I love him to but he's on the phone. "Louis, it's our day today." I say annoyed. He nods at me. "Okay, bye baby. Can't wait to see you soon." He says and licks his lips. "You know what Louis, you can let her come round because I'm going to Niall's house!" I shout and go to my room. "To do what, it's boring there." Louis chuckles. "Yeah, well I guess I'll just fuck him." I shout and Louis stops chuckling. His face drops. "You wouldn't." He says. "Louis, I would. It's not like I haven't fucked anyone one before." I tell him. His facial expression shows that he's surprised. "I thought you were a virgin?" Louis answers. "Just because you are doesn't mean I'm not." I say and shut my door and lock it. 

I walk out wearing this. I never even knew I owned those shorts. "You look like a slut." Louis tells me. "Well, least I'm not a man whore like you." I pathetically smile and continue to walk. "What did you call me?" He asked. I heard his voice turn from joking to violence and rage. I look into his eyes. He's going to flip. I take a deep breath. "A man whore." I spit at him. He punches my face. I look at him scared. Then I hear Niall's voice in my head. "Indestructible." He says. "Your such a twat. I thought you really liked me but now your off with some whore who I guess suits your because your one too. I actually thought you liked me but you obviously don't. Let's just say if you start another fight with me I wont hesitate to finish you." I snap at him and he steps away. FINALLY! Now the tables have turned. He is now scared of me. "Least I'm not about to fuck Niall fucking Horan. He's such a little prick." Louis tells me. "Prick or not I love him and nothings going to change that." I start to walk toward Louis and with each step I take he takes a step back. "Not even a rat like you!" I tell him then head for the door. "I love you!" He shouts to me. I laugh. "You dumb twat." I laugh again. "Do you think I'm retarded. Of course you don't." I shake my head. "Your such a man whore. throwing your love around. You know I might actually get Niall to propose to me today. I want to be with him forever. Not you. Actually once we are engaged I can move to his house as he lives alone. Maybe I might even have a kid. And I can bring him to you all the time so you can see your best friends child with your sister. If I can even call my self that." I say trying to make him jealous. It works. Mental high five. "I do love you! And you are NOT getting married to Niall." He shouts and pushes me against a wall. I bite my lip and I see how crazy it drives him. He pushes his lips against me with such force. There we have a very passionate kiss. I want to stay like this forever. Niall bursts through the door. I push Louis away from me in hope Niall didn't see but he did. "Your such a dick!" Niall shouts and starts punching Louis. I slap the two of them. "I thought you loved me." Niall says nearly crying. "I do, Louis just came on to me. I tried to get him off but he was to strong." I lie and secretly wink to Lou. "No, you said you love me Liv." Louis says. "I love you both." I say. "Impossible." Louis says and storms to his room and slams the door behind him. "I can't believe you!" Niall says. "Niall do you really want to know the truth?" I ask. "Go ahead." He answers. "I wanted you to marry me and Louis got jealous. He pushed me against me the wall and kissed me. He kisses just like you baby, he made me think of you so in a way it was you I was kissing not Louis. I was imagining Louis to be you." I tell him. "I love you." Niall says and spins me around. "Get dressed up sweet, we are going to get a wedding ring." Niall says. My eyes widen. "Really?" I ask and start to cry, from happiness. He nods. 

We walk through the town hand in hand. People stare at Niall, girls stare at Niall. I walk into a shop and one pulls him outside. Why does this always happen to me? I walk back outside the shop and slap the hoe round the face then walk back in with Niall this time. "Thanks babe." He praises and kisses my cheek. "Can I help you?" A women asks. "Yes we would like the most beautiful ring you have!" Niall says. "A ring for what?" She asks. "An engagement ring." He answers. "Aren't you a bit young?" She asks. "I am 19 in a week." I tell her. I shakes her head at me. I look at Niall and we laugh. She pulled out one of the most beautiful-est thing I have ever seen. "This one?" Niall asks and I nod. "That will be £3,600." The lady says. I look at Niall. "Let's get a different one." I say. "No." He says and pulls out his card. The payment was accepted? Why has he got so much money? If you want to see it...

It's beautiful. "Now we are going to get married." Niall says. "We will be together forever." I say. Niall kisses my cheek and we walk back to Johannah's. Time to break the news. We walk in and Louis and Johannah are sat on the sofa watching tv. "We have something to tell you." Niall says and they look at us. Niall is stood slightly to my side with his arm around my waist. I look up to him and he nods. "We are engaged." I say and Johannah's face lights up. She jumps up and runs to my side. "Let's see it." She beams. I show her my ring and she gasps. "It's so beautiful." She smiles. Louis walks over. I see him kick Niall. "Mum, do I need to continue collage, I mean I can get a job now. I have learnt enough and then me and Niall can move in with each other." I say and Johannah nods. "That's fine sweet. I knew you and Niall would work out. Your perfect together!" She tells us. "Thank you." Niall says and him and Johannah hug. I'm getting married, but not to Louis. I do love Niall it's just Louis. I know I love him but I just, I can't explain it. I might as well just ignore it. I'M GETTING MARRIED TO NIALL!!!!:D 


A/N: Hey guyss. I hope you like this chapter. Please let me know what you think and don't forget to like ti please. Thank you. Keep smiling:)x

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