In Love With My Foster Brother

Life in a orphanage can be fun but it can be lonely. I know, I have loads of brothers and sisters in here but lonely as in no friends. I mean no one gets along with their siblings all the time. Being the eldest my life is a lot more difficult than the younger ones but will it change when I get fostered.



I put on my shoes and ran down stairs. I stop in my tracks when my phone rings. "Hello?" I ask. It's Harry. "Hi, T." He says. "Oh hello Styles. How are you?" He says. Is he trying to have a normal conversation with me? "I'm fine thanks. What do you want?" I ask him. "I have landed." He tells me. "What?" I ask. "I'm on my way over to Lou's." He tells me. "Okay, with the boys?" I ask. "Yep. He answers. I hang up and my head starts to spin. Coming over. It's been over 2 years since I last saw him in person and that's when we were in love. When I thought he was everything. But he's not. My legs give way and I fall to the ground still holding my spinning head. "Babe?" Louis asks. "Babe!" He shouts when I don't answer. I crawl to lie down. "Babe?" He half shouts and runs to my side. "Keep your eyes open babe." He says holding me in his arms. My eyes flicker. Everything around me starts to spin faster and faster. The thought of seeing Niall again scares me yet sickens me. My eyes close. All I remember is Louis calling me then shaking me then I close my eyes. 


"T. WAKE UP!" I hear some one shouts. My eyes flash open and Niall is completely over me. I scream and he backs away. I sit up and run away to my room. "T, wait!" Niall shouts after me. "Leave me alone!" I yell back. I sit down on my bedroom floor against the door and cry. I feel Niall sit on the opposite side. "I'm sorry!" He whispers. "Please forgive me." He carries on. "You knocked out my best friend." I tell him. "I know T. I'm so sorry!" He whispers. I stand up and stroke down my skirt then open the door to see Niall on the floor. He stands up. "I forgive you!" I say and hug him. He wraps his arms around me and embraces me. He strokes my hair. "Thank you!" He tells me. I nod. "Your going to be famous. Your going to have a great life and to make it better you will find the perfect girl for you!" I tell him kiss his cheek and leave. 

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