In Love With My Foster Brother

Life in a orphanage can be fun but it can be lonely. I know, I have loads of brothers and sisters in here but lonely as in no friends. I mean no one gets along with their siblings all the time. Being the eldest my life is a lot more difficult than the younger ones but will it change when I get fostered.



"Here." Johannah said jumping out the jet into the heat of Miami. I smiled and Louis and followed after Johannah with my bag. "There's some changing rooms over there." She pointed and I ran in and changed into my bikini. I walked out where I saw Louis's jaw drop. I laughed and walked over to Johannah who was nicely settled on the beach. "So, I was thinking you could be moved in by next month." She smiled. I shook my head. "Couldn't it be sooner?" I asked. "Next week." She suggested. "Tomorrow?" I asked. She slightly chuckled. "I'm sure that can be arranged." She smiled. And for the first time in ages, right then, I felt like I had a mother again. Louis ran over. "Got her number!" He sated flagging around a piece of paper. "Who's?" I asked. "The girl who came out the changing rooms just after you." He stated. And I thought he was staring at me? Fuck that. He's my foster brother. "And when are you planing on calling her?" Johannah asked. "Never." Louis laughed. I rolled my eyes. "What?" He asked me. "Typical." I said. "Do you want to get some chips?" Louis asked me. I nodded and followed him over to get the chips. "So I'm moving in tomorrow." I said and he nodded. "Have you had other foster kids before." I asked. He shook his head. This not talking thing was beginning to annoy me now. "So um, I wont have to share with you right?" I ask and he shook his head yet again not saying one single word. "Fuck sake." I muttered. "We don't tolerate swearing in our house. Sorry." He said. "Well I'm sorry. Have you ever heard of manners. I thought it would be at least somewhat polite to talk instead of making no sort of contact what so ever with me. Just nodding and shaking your fucking head." I said and walked back over to Johannah. "You okay?" She asked me. "Fine, I'm just going to go for walk. It's beautiful here." I smiled at her. "Okay, see you soon." She said and I began to walk along the sandy beach. A volleyball hit my head, hard. "Ow." I screamed. "Sorry, my friend isn't very good at this game." A guy with curly hair stated. "Obviously." I said and got up off the sand brushing it off my body. "So, do you come here often?" He asked. "First time. I just have to g-" "Want to play?" He interrupted. "Well actually-" "Great." He smiled. "No, I'm fine. I don't like this game. Thanks anyway." I smiled then walked off. Well that was weird. I came to a large rock and decided to take a break of walking. I was sat on there replaying our short but first argument over and over in my head when I saw a cave just across the water, about 200 yards away. I jumped into the sea and began to swim towards it. I swam inside and climbed on the the rock which flattened out into a smooth surface that acted like a floor. I sat down and looked around. Yeah well it got boring and I left. I ran back to Johannah as I had been gone a long time. "We were starting to worry." She said with a smile on her face. "Sorry I was so long. I walked quite far but then swam to the cave just over there." I told her pointing it out to her. "Sounds fun." She told me. I nodded. "I might just sunbath for a bit." I said and lay down on the soft sand. After what felt like 5 minutes I woke up only to find that I had been asleep for 30. "Oh your awake." Johannah stated handing me a drink. I looked at her. "It's only lemonade." She smiled and I nodded. I drank it all pretty fast. "Can I have a picture of my two children please?" She asked and I looked at Louis who was stuffing his face with even more chips. We both nodded. 

She showed us the photo and I smiled at it as my eyes became teary. "I looked up at Louis and Johannah. "Thank you for fostering me." I smiled. "That's okay!" Johannah said and gave me and little hug. Louis gave me a separate hug then started tickling me. I kicked and laughed hard. He eventually stopped. "We should be getting back." Johannah told us and we left for the jet. Once on board the jet me and Louis took our original seats next to each other. I yawned a little. Louis held his arms out for me to cuddle into them. I fell asleep but half way through the journey I woke up but kept my eyes shut. "Lou, I know she's pretty but you can't like her. Plus you have only met her once." Johannah whispered. "Mum, I really do like her." "She's you foster sister. No!" She raised her voice. "Sh, you'll wake her. Mum, I pretend I don't but I'm not changing my mind about this." He stated. "Fine. Please don't tell her. You liked the last one so she had to go." Johannah said. I felt Louis sigh. "This is different." He said. "You better hope so." Johannah said. I decided to stop the arguing and pretend to wake up. I stretched my arms out and fluttered my eyes open. I looked up at Louis and slightly smiled. "Nice sleep?" He asked me. I nodded. "Are we nearly home?" I asked. "Yeah, we have decided to pick you up at 4 tomorrow evening. Is that okay?" He asked. "It's perfect." I smiled again and cuddled in closer to him. They dropped me home Johannah gave me hug and walked back to the car Louis gave me hug but it felt more meaningful. "Thank you for today." I said. "My pleasure." He smiled and kissed my hand. He then walked off. I waved as did he. The car drove off and I shut the door. I sighed. Because of happiness. "How was it?" Emma asked me. "Amazing!" I told her. "Good.." She smiled and I went to bed. 

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