In Love With My Foster Brother

Life in a orphanage can be fun but it can be lonely. I know, I have loads of brothers and sisters in here but lonely as in no friends. I mean no one gets along with their siblings all the time. Being the eldest my life is a lot more difficult than the younger ones but will it change when I get fostered.



I woke up at 11 o'clock and threw on my clothes and went down stairs. "Hello people!" I shouted. Everyone looked up at me. I smiled. They turned away. "Oh cheer up, it's a wonderful day!" I cried out spreading my happiness all through the room. Kyle walked down the stairs. "Your happy today aren't you?" I asked hugging him and spinning around. "Not enough to be nice to you." He chuckled. "But why. It's such a great day!" I squealed and hugged him tighter.  Kyle pushed me off. "Calm down." He chuckled again. "But I'm happy Kyle. I'm happy!" I shout. "Yes, but your the only one. We are all stuck in here for another day." He says and sits down. "You look nice." Tabby says buttoning up her top button on her shirt. I thanked her. "Please don't go." Tily cried hugging me. "Why not. I will have a family." I say. "Yeah and we don't." Kyle says. "Do you have a problem against me?" I asked him. "Well your just leaving us, like we're, like we're nothing!" Kyle shouts. "Well then. If you fell that way maybe I should stay!" I shout at him. "That's what we want!" He shouts. "No, what you want is for me to do everything for you like I always do. What you want is for me to be unhappy as hell. Do you know how long it took me to stop crying at night. After I knew what happened to my parents I couldn't stop crying for 10 years. 10 WHOLE FUCKING YEARS!" I shout at him. "Whatever." He rolls his eyes and walk out. Everyone else stays silent but stares at me. "WHAT?" I shout and storm upstairs. I bang on Kyle's door. "You have ruined my mood thanks a lot!" I shout then walk up the next two flights of stairs to my room. I start to pack my bag angrily throwing it all in. I can't believe he would do this to me. After all we have been through together. All those happy days dreaming of being adopted as kids, and now, when I finally have my chance he puts me down then pretends he doesn't care. I think to my self. At 4 o'clock Johannah came, no Louis. I lugged my 5 suitcases down the 4 flights of stairs. "Hello, no Louis today?" I asked and she shook her head. "Oh, is he okay?" I ask. "Just a little tired sweet." She smiled. "Let's go." I squealed. She took my hand excited and lead me to the car to pack up. "We are going straight to our house in Spain for a week." She smiles. "Wait." I say and rush back into the house. I ran up to flights of stairs straight to Kyle's room. I open the door and rush to hug him. "Good bye." I whisper to him. "Good bye Liv." He whispers back. I felt cheeks getting wet and all I could here was my tears dropping on his clothes. I kissed his cheek. "Never forget me." I whisper and walk out his room shutting the door behind me. Wiping my eyes I walk back to Johannah's car and get in. "You okay sweet?" She asks and I nod. "It's just a little hard leaving my child hood." I tell her and we drive off.

--at the airport--

"Louis!" I shout and run to him. He picks me up in his arms and spins me around. "How is my new little sister?" He asks hugging me tight. "I'm fine, would help if I could breath." I joked and he let go of my and apologized. "So, Spain.." I say in the plane. He nods. "Yeah. We can take you shopping." He says. "Have you seen how many bags I have. I doubt we need to do that." I say. "Well when we get back to England maybe we could look for a job for you so your not bored all the time." He says. "I've tried. I'm to dumb for any of it." I say embarrassed looking down at my feet. "Hey..." He says and lifts up my chin with his index finger. I was now staring into his eyes. "...Your not dumb. We will just have to send you back to collage. I still go. It will be fine." He says with a slight smile on his face. "Thank you." I say and squeeze his hand as he's holding mine. "I'm so glad you two are getting along!" Johannah says. "Louis is right we can easily get you into collage." She adds. "Thank you." I squeal. "It's not that great." Louis says. "But it is. I can learn again. I can get A levels and degrees and get a job. Thank you so much." I say. "So what are you going to do in Spain?" Louis asks me after a while of silence. "Sunbath. Might as well try get a tan." I say. He nods. An hour of silence went by. "So, how did you end up in a orphanage?" Louis asks. "My parents died when I was only a baby." I answer him. "That's terrible, how?"  He asks me. "I wasn't allowed to know. My grandfather always used to say they were assassinated, that they we're agents for the Queen but my carer always said a car accident." I say. "Why couldn't it be both." Louis says. I think about that the entire flight. 


"It's beautiful!" I say. "It's ours." Louis says. "Louis, you the best big brother ever." I say and cuddle up into him. I squint my eyes to make it seem they are closed. I look over to Johannah who is mouthing 'You don't love her.' I ignored her yet again and looked up to Louis. "Turns our we are quite close." I wink the walk over to the balcony. I sigh. If only my parents could see how far I have come. If only they could see how well I'm going to turn out. I will have a job, a family.and love, everything I could ever wish for. I wish they could see me now and how happy I have become. I think to myself. Louis came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "It's perfect isn't it." I nod feeling awkward in such a romantic position with my foster brother. "Would you like to come to dinner with me this evening?" He asks me. "I would love to." I answer breaking the position and running to the pool. Wow. That was awkward. I think to myself yet again.  I jump into the pool after retiring into my bikini. I swim around in the pool owned by MY family. I climb out and lay on one of the 6 sun chairs. "Would you like a towel?" A strange...Irish voice...says. "Um, yes please." I say. "Her you are madame." The voice says. I open my eyes and sit up taking the towel handed to me. "Who are you exactly?" I ask the strange man. "Niall, I'm Louis friend." He says. "Oh, I thought it was just me, Louis and Johannah here. I'm sorry." I say about to leave. "You are?" He asks. "I'm Liv, Louis's sister." I smile at the fact I have a brother. A one that doesn't live in a orphanage a real brother. One that wants me. "He doesn't have a sister." Niall says. "Yes actually he does and that is me!" I say getting, slightly angry at this unnecessarily attractive man. "I'm very sorry. I'm suppose to meet Louis at the beach now. Nice meeting you." He says and I glare. How rude. I change into something more fitted for the weather. 

I secretly followed Niall down to the beach the slipped on my sunglasses to hide my face. "So a sister hey?" Niall joked to Louis. "Yeah, fostered. But she's worth it." He says back. "I know right. A little stropy." Niall tells Louis. I gasp a little at his stupid comment. "Nah, she's great." Louis answers. "So is she." Niall says pointing to me. Shit..He's spotted me. "Go for it." Louis says pushing Niall towards me. "Hi, my names Niall." I froze. "So um ,your Irish that's great. I love Irish people." I say. "Yep, how about we go get a drink." He says. "No, really I'm fine. I just need to get back to my friend." I say. "I'm sure she can wait 10 minutes." Niall insists. "No she's very impatient.." I try to tell him. "Please just on.e I've had enough. I rip off my sunglasses. "No. All I wanted was to go for a walk." I say and push past him to Louis. I bend down so my mouth is at his ear. "Tell you friend to get some manners." I say then walk off down the beach. After about 2 minutes of walking I huff. I have no idea where the hell I'm going. Niall and Louis are stood checking me out from behind. I start to walk towards them. "Stop it." I say. "Which way is the house?" I ask them. They point in the opposite direction. "Thank you." I say then walk the way they pointed. I go up to my room and have a shower then start the preparation for my dinner with Louis and hopefully only Louis, maybe Johannah but she's already making her dinner so I doubt she will be joining us. I do my make-up and hair then change into this.. 

I walk downstairs once I'm ready to Niall and Louis who are waiting downstairs. "Are you joining us?" I ask Niall. He shakes his head. "Johannah thought that you two would need some time to get to know each other." Niall tells me and I nod. I look over to Louis who is smiling at me. "You look beautiful, definitely could be related." He says and I giggle. "Let's go." I say and we walk out. 

--skipping dinner--

"You have had quite a bit to drink." Louis laughs at him. "Shh, don't tell mummy." I say. Note that I am incredibly drunk. Louis laughed at me. "Catch me." I yell and fall into his arms. I giggle. "You know how much I want to kiss you right now." Louis whispered leaning down. "Don't hold back." I whisper to him leaning forward the extra way so our lips met. Louis must of been surprised because he dropped me. Yeah, dropped me.  Right on the floor. The CONCERT floor. "Ow!" I say rubbing my head. "I'm sorry." Louis says and picks me up of the floor. "My head hurts." I say. "Yeah it will, I just dropped you!" Louis says. "I'm really sorry." I say. "For what?" Louis asks. "This." I say and lunge forward into his arms and kiss him. "Let's go home." He says and carries me all the way bar 100 yards before the house. "Thank you for adopting me." I say and go inside the house then up to bed. What a great day. I know my life is going to shape up. 


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