In Love With My Foster Brother

Life in a orphanage can be fun but it can be lonely. I know, I have loads of brothers and sisters in here but lonely as in no friends. I mean no one gets along with their siblings all the time. Being the eldest my life is a lot more difficult than the younger ones but will it change when I get fostered.



It's been a long time. I mean I'm about to go to the boys movie premier. A movie! They are called One Direction. "Come on." Louis shouts I finish cleaning my wedding ring and put it back on. It's beautiful. "I'm coming!" I shout and walk down. We had moved back to London. Only for their tour. But I'm going as well! I walked into the hall to walk down the stairs but saw my belly in the mirror.I stayed looking from the side and put my hands on it. It's getting bigger? To be honest I have been eating more than normal. "T!" Louis shouts. "Coming!" I say and run down the stairs and we climb into the car. I hold my stomach still. "You okay babe?" Louis asks concerned. I snap out of my day dream. "Yeah, I'm fine." I smile and move my hands. "We get to take pictures in a booth at the premier." Louis tells me. "Yay!" I squeal. I love having pictures with Louis, memories. 


"Come on!" I moan to Louis dragging him to the photo booth away from the screaming fans. He doesn't like it when they scream loud. It's funny really, he said they sound like they are dying. I said they are dying of excitement and he chuckled. 

But we also took 

I love him so much. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me. "We need to go now!" Louis says and we get out. I pick up the pictures. "I love them." I squeal and we go sit with the boys ready to watch the film. 


"That was amazing guys!" I scream. "Group hug!" I yell and we all hug. "Demi seemed to like you Mr Horan." I joke with him and he blushes. I giggle and walk back to Louis. "Our next big event is 1DDAY and the fans want you to wear all one direction." I nod. "I can do that!" I say. "I'm going to have to go shopping though." I say and Louis laughs. "Maybe tomorrow. It's late babe!" He says as we get into the car. We drive home then sleep straight away. 

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