In Love With My Foster Brother

Life in a orphanage can be fun but it can be lonely. I know, I have loads of brothers and sisters in here but lonely as in no friends. I mean no one gets along with their siblings all the time. Being the eldest my life is a lot more difficult than the younger ones but will it change when I get fostered.



My outfit for today. MY FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE! Oh fuck yes! I can't wait. "Louis!" I shout and he enters my room. I stumble out of my wardrobe and he's standing in the door way. "I have no idea where this college is?" I laugh. He chuckles back. "I'll give you a ride. It will be a squeeze though I need to pick up the boys as well." I nod and follow him to his car. "So, would I be in any of your classes?" I ask and he simply nods. "There's a chance." "What about lunch, did you still not want me to be around with you?" I ask him. "It's best you don't." He says as we arrive. I grab my black universe themed back pack and head for the school reception. "Hello I'm Liv Tyler, I'm here to collect my time table.." I say and they hand it to me without saying a single word. How lovely of them. Note the sarcasm. Science first. "This is going to be easy." I sarcastically mutter to myself. I bump into someone. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there." I apologize. "That's fine." He says and walks off. I find my way to the science class and walk in. "Oh, your late. Explain your self!" The teacher says. "I'm new and had to find my way here." I said. "I've heard that to many times sit down, detention at lunch." I look around to see Harry and Niall laughing at me. "Um, No!" I say and the teacher looks at me. "Excuse me?" He says. "I'm not getting a detention for being new. I'm Liv Tyler." I say and sit down on the row of 4 table that has Harry and Niall on. They had stopped giggling now. "No one says no to him." Harry whispers in my ear. "Well I did." I say. "You should hang out with me, Niall and Jake." Harry says. "I'll think about it." I say. "So genes are what makes you, well you." I put my hand up. "Yes." He says. "What are genes?" I ask him and people laugh. "Very funny so-" "Sir you haven't answered my question." I say to him. Some one coughs and says retard. I turn my head and glares at the perfect girl with bleach blonde hair and dazzling green eyes. "A gene is a distinct portion of a cell’s DNA. Genes are coded instructions for making everything the body needs, especially proteins. Human beings have about 25,000 genes." The teacher says and I nod taking notes. The bell rang at the end of the lesson and the other lessons dragged on by. Lunch came and I walked down the hall to the canteen. I saw a girl being held against a locker and hit. "Excuse me." I say and pull the dark haired boy off her. "What the hell do you think your?" I ask him hugging the poor weak girl. "Nu-nothing." The boy stutters. I look up and see Louis. "Lou!" I shout. "I told you to stay away from me." He says and runs off. I stay stood in shock. My eyes well up. My foster brother? A school bully? This can't be happening. I stumble over to the quietest place there is in a school. The bike shed. I sit and cry to myself thinking through my encounter with Louis, the bully. "He's a bully." I cry quietly to myself. "I know." A boy says having a cigarette. I look u to him. "Want one?" He asks and hands me a fag. I nod through my crying eyes. 3 years! 3 years i haven't smoked started when I was only 12 and finished at the age of 15. I took a puff and blew it out. "Never knew you smoke." I heard that sexy Irish accent say. I turn around and saw Harry and Niall standing behind me. "I'm upset." I say annoyed. "This is Jake, I knew you would hang out with us in the end." Harry says and hands Jake and can of beer then throws me one as well. I examine it then open it. "Wanna skip next." I think it through then shake my head. "I need to learn. If I am to get a job I can't skip classes." I tell them and take a gulp of my drink. "What's a gene? You definitely need to learn." Jake laughs. Then I remember sitting next to him in Science. "So. It doesn't matter. I'm not skipping." I say and stand up. Louis pops into my head, him hurting that poor girl. I cry, a lot and loudly. "What's up baby." Niall asks hugging me for comfort. "Louis, he's the school bully." I cry and Niall nods."I know sweetie." He says. What a great start. I walk through the halls heading to my next lessons. "Adopted." I heard someone mutter. I turned but no one was looking at me. "Fostered." Another person muttered. "Unwanted." Another. What? What's going on? Why are people saying this? Someone pushes me down to the floor. "Do it Louis, hit her." A guy shouts. Louis is on top of me his hand about to hit me when he gets pulled off. "How could you do this." That Irish accent shouts. "Your sister!" He shouts again. "She's fostered not his real sister!" A guy says. I get up and run away. Niall's protecting me. We are fake dating? We haven't even properly kissed, well we have but we didn't love each other. Well I didn't. We are together to keep me away from Louis, because I love him. I really do. But it's not meant to be. We can't be together not now, not ever. But Niall protecting me? Does he love me?He can't. Because he will get me to love him but I like Louis and this is all just to confusing! I decide to go back home to Johannah and talk it through with her.

--skipping talk with Johannah--

So Jo tells me to call her Jo or mum. and that Louis couldn't love me and Niall does. "Home." Louis shouts and I run to my room. "Louis, Liv is here crying here eyes out because you were about to hit her and were hitting another girl. I will NOT have my child being horrible toward another child. Get to your room, your grounded!" She shouts and I here him storm towards his room. "THANK A LOT LIV!" He screams and slams his door. Well isn't this getting all angry. What a brilliant first day 

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