Thirteen Reasons Why (Niall Horan)

'Here I am again, sitting at the side of your bed. Writing about another reason why I love you...' He did one for everyday he thought Isabella would die. Everyday he would wake up to an empty side of their bed. Those thirteen days were the hardest of his life. But those thirteen days made him realize, she's the one.


1. Prologue

"Isabella Adele Storm, will you marry me?" I look at her, she might be in shock. Faintly she nods her head. A smile grows on my face, getting bigger and bigger as I get up and take her body in my arms.

"Thank you, I love you." I whisper.

I look at the ring around the small finger of my fiancee. I take her hand in mine. I feel the tears coming out of my eyes again, streaming down my still wet cheeks. Why? Why did she try to take herself away frorm me?

"Niall?" I turn around to see Louis standing in the doorway. I nod and turn back to Isabella. Why? flashes through my mind again. I know she's insecure, about herself, what others think of her, what I think of her, what the fans think of her. And I know she doesn't have the greatest family when it comes to carin about eachother. But I thought having me and the boys would be enough.

"I... I can't tell you how sorry I am, mate." Louis lays his hand on my shoulder, I nod again. Not trusting my voice to speak without cracking.

I look away from her hand, up to her arms. To the scars I noticed too late, that almost took her life. I should have been there for her. I should have noticed. I should have looked her right in the eye and told her I knew she wasn't okay... I should have...

"Did you know about it?" He asks. Out of the boys, she was closest to Louis.

I shake my head, not able to control the sobs any longer. My head falls down to her arm and I cry. "I should have... I should have..." I say repeately.

Louis sinks down into the chair besides mine. "It's alright Niall, nobody did. Don't blame yourself. She'll wake up again."

I look at him, my view is blurred because of the tears. "Not blame myself? How is that possible? I am her fiance for God's sake. How can I not blame myself."

"I'm not here to argue with you. I'm here to help you, you know that. But a thing you should know, is that when Isabella will wake up, she'll feel as miserable as before... maybe even more. Maybe we should find a way to tell her how much she means to us, all of us. Show her we love her." He rubs my back. I sigh and nod. That's a great idea, to be honest.

"That's a good idea, Lou." I think for a minute. "Could you do something for me?"

"I think I could."

"Could you buy me a notebook from the shop down in here? I might have an idea for myself." Louis smiles at my words.

"Of couse I will, I'll be back in a bit." He stands up and walks out of the room, leaving me alone with Isabella again.

A few hours later I sit alone with my new notebook at the side of my fiancee's bed. I open it and write in my first ever journal.

Dear diary? Isabella?

That's probably better, as I am writing this for you.

Dear Isabella,

Here we are then, you lying in that cold hospital bed and me sitting here writing this for you. I wish it had never came to this. That you had told me about everything, but we can't turn back time, can we?

Louis told me we should think of a way to show you how much you mean to us, all of us. The boys, the girls, my family, everyone. I know you're insecure and I know you probably will be for as long as you may live, but that's fine. It's one of the little things that make you who you are, and I love you for that. But I hope you will start to see how much we love you, how much I love you.

I don't know how long it will take for you to open your beautiful eyes, but that's something to worry about later on.

But for now, I will write why I love you. Every day that you are lying there, I will write another reason, explaining my love for you.

I will have to start this tomorrow, seeing it is already half to midnight.

I know you probably can't hear me, but I just said goodnight to you, and that I love you.

Sleep tight, my princess.

Forever yours,


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