Change Me

Grace Connor is a professional dancer and wins with her group a competition to dance in the new music video with Justin Bieber. Jus and Grace were a couple a few years ago, before he became famous. Now they'll meet again and she's totally excited. They both changed, but Grace never forgot him.
Will he remember her or has he forgotten all about her? What happens, if he does? Is this the end of Starstrukk or just the beginnig of a new Lovestory?


7. Changes



"I don't know how you do what you do, 'cause everything that don't make sense about me… makes sense when I'm with you" – Hunter Hayes, 'Wanted'


I stood at Nick, who was smoking his third cigarette, and I looked at my phone. Time past painfully slow. Frustrated, I put my phone back in my pocket and tapped with my foot on the ground.

Then I looked up; Nick pressed out his cigarette and blew the smoke out of his nostrils. "So, Jus, show me my Part."

I had divided the choreography in different parts and showed them my Choreographers. Everyone else went through the various steps, only Nick had our time wasted so far.

Slowly, I showed him the steps to our second to last part and we went through it again and again until he got it somehow. So I let him back and drank some water. Then I walked past the various Choreographers and worked with them on the subtleties.

Just when I was done with Nick, I heard the crowd outside. It seemed as if Starstrukk finally arrived.

The large double doors opened and Grace stride ahead in the huge hall.

She was changed. Obviously she was, after I had dropped her at her home, gone to a hairdresser and had let her hair dye. Her hair was brown with a sight of red and I had to admit that she was now even hotter than as blonde. It looked somehow more natural. As if her overall image would be now correct.

She was followed by her entire crew. Some of them jumped excitedly in the air to warm up or talked together encouraged. My people stopped their conversations and stood in a loose semicircle next to me.


Grace smiled at Sasha, who let her eyes wonder down the hall and blushed as she saw me looking at them. She said something to Grace and now she also looked at me. I smiled at her and she smiled back unemotional. Then she stopped and pulled off her sunglasses and put them in their hair. She signaled Sasha to stand still and then went to us.


"Hey," she welcomed us briefly.

My people were smiling at her, greeted her and I said "You look incredible."

She waived my compliment with a simple "Thank you" and came directly to the business. "I've divided my Crew on the bus to their strengths on the different parts and could even find enough people for the water performance. We can start directly, we just have to warm up." 

I nodded and wondered about how different she was at once. It was as if she had been stored overnight in dry ice and only shortly before she would have to be here had been unfreeze.

Grace stand next to my side and looked to her people. She had a small smile on her lips, but it didn't reach her eyes, which looked cool and hard over her crew.

It seemed to me as if we were miles away from each other and not just a few steps. As if she had set up a wall around her and for me it was impossible to get close to her again.


Nick clapped in his hands, pulled me out of my mind and let the rest fall silent. He greeted briefly, said how much he is rejoiced to finally reach the "nitty-gritty" and introduced again the rest of my people. Then he looked at me and I told Starstrukk which of my people had which part. All listened to me in silence and nodded.

"We all dance the big finale together; Grace and I will teach you this part. You are all different and divided according to your strengths, Grace is going to read your names and then assign you the appropriate choreographers. The team of the water performance meets back there," I pointed to a place down the hall "You will then drive to the nearest pool with the right coach to rehearse everything. Okay, do you still have any questions?"

No one said something, so I took it as a "No'".

"Okay, then let's get started!"

Everyone applauded, whistled and screeched and I flashed my biggest smile.

Nick pressed a button on the stereo and the loud music blared from the bass. The entire crowd began to jog in a circle and started singing the songs.


After a brief hour of warming up I was surprised when Grace divided her crew members and then counted herself to the water performers.

The crowd divided, everyone was confused and I looked after Grace, who had placed the clipboard with the names on the table and walked off.

"Hey, wait a minute," I called behind, but my voice was drowned.

So I ran after her and stopped her, as I stood in front of her and blocked her way.

"When did you become a part in the water scenes?," I asked and her eyes were still open, surprised that I had run after her.

"Um, since I count myself to do so. In the bus I couldn't muster enough girls, so I decided to join them. The water scenes are indeed not too many, so that's okay," she simply said and I looked into her eyes, which were dark and light green-blue simultaneously.

The dark hair fit in perfectly and emphasized her diverse personality. The sight left me with a seemingly long forgotten memory germinate again. I saw the silhouette of a young girl in front of me. She laughed, pushed her brown hair back and looked coyly to the ground.

"Caitlin," I blurted out, came back to reality and she looked at me confused.

"My name is Grace," she said and I blushed.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me. I just remembered a friend of mine, with which I had lost contact..." I said and she screwed up her face and she seemed to be hurt.

"Well, then call her," she gave me the advice and ran past me.

Perplex she let me back and I tried to conjure up the image of the girl again in my head. She was a little bit smaller than Caitlin, but she had to be her. I knew no other girl when I was younger with dark hair.

Someone punched me for fun against my shoulder and pulled me from my thoughts.

"Hey Justin," greeted Sasha and behind her stood Maya.

"Well, hello you two," I replied and smiled at them.

Sasha apologized again for me having trouble with Jeremy and tied her red hair up. Maya stood all this time silently next to her, but she had a strong personality, which I noticed quickly. She smiled at me all the time and out of her flirting eyes she checked me out. Her blond hair was already tied up as braid and thus they reminded me of Grace.

Wait, what? What was wrong with me?!

I shook my head and Sasha thought I would have answered her question.

"Don't you think, too? I told her to never dye her hair again blonde."

She smiled widely at me and I asked "Grace? Her hair isn't naturally blonde?"

Maya shook her head and said "No, she started about five years ago to color. I know her only for almost two years, but have realized that this is her attempt to conclude with something."

Sasha nodded vigorously and said, "Yeah, it is. Just funny that she has dyed her natural color again."

She seemed to fall into the brood, but then cried a boy from her crew after her and Maya and her eyes lit up again.

"Well, we can talk again later," she said, and they were on their way to their partner, but not before Maya could look at me one last time.

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