Love & War

Kristen is her name. 16 years old and with a dream to join the army. One direction goes to the army and start falling for her. She told herself not to fall in love with those two guys.To late......


3. Man Hunt

I was literally shocked. Bella was too. I mean 1D in the army?! Fuck no!! We got in groups and walked too the shed were they had a bunch of paintball guns. " So? What's the plan?" I asked one. He had curly hair and green eyes. His eyes amazed me. " What plan? Oh! That...... We'll I really don't know doll" he said in the most sexiest British accent. Wait did he just call me doll?! A split second later he grabbed my waist and kissed me. I enjoyed for 2 seconds then violently push him away. " what the fuck?! Why did you kiss me? You sick pervert get away from me!" I yelled. His eyes looked hurt. I walked away and went to my assigned cabin. Cabin number 7 . I walked in and a blonde haired boy was unpacking. We was soooo cute. " hi" he said as I walked in. " hi" I said back. " are you a camper or a counselor?" I asked him. " camper" he said and looked at me. " what was your name again?" He asked getting closer. I took a step back." Kristen. And yours?"

" Niall " another fucking one? At lest he wasn't too desperate. " do you have a boyfriend" he asked me. Never mind. " no do you?" I asked " no I don't have a boyfriend" he said with a smirk. I giggled and looked at him once more. DING! " oh that's the dinner bell" he said " come on "he grabbed my hand and I felt a jolt of electricity. He dragged me outside and we ran to a building. I felt so weird. I've never felt this way before. It felt like ........ Butterflies.

While we ate I sat with Niall. He was so funny. I loved the way he smiled. It was filled with sunshine and love. We started getting ready for Man Hunt. The really strong guy was called Liutenant Qail. I'm guessing he was the head of the camp. He handed us each paintball guns and told us the rules. We couldn't aim at anyone's face or balls. I smiled at that one. We also couldn't stay in one place. The point of the game was to get as many people out and then capture their flag. Sorta like dodgeball. We headed out to the woods. We were up against Team 2. I was running with Niall and Bella when I heard the shot . One down six more to go. The three of us headed down the hill and climbed up a tree. Apparently it wasn't vacant. Louis was up there with Harry, Liam and Zayn. I looked at Harry but he looked the other way.

We suddenly heard rustling under us we looked down and saw 3 people from Team 2 . Niall jumped in front of them and screamed. He started shooting like crazy. I laughed. He sounded like a fucking Japanese person fighting for his tofu. One of those three got away and started running . The other two headed towards the base. We walked around and looked for the enemy flag. " Kristen! Go find the enemy flag the rest if us will split and look for others" Niall told me. I nodded and started walking away.

It seemed like I was walking forever. I walked past millions of trees and only shot one person. Only one more person to go. I saw the other game for a while and kept walking. Then I saw it on the top of the hill. The flag was waving in the wind. It was red, blood red. I ran up to it and was about to make a grab for it when I heard a voice behind me. " hey sweat heart. I was waiting for you" a deep voice said. I turned around and saw a shadow with something glinting in his hand. It was a gun. I was backing up slowly when I felt the pain. I looked down and saw blood. Everything was turning black. The last thing I saw was the shadow. " Niall" I whispered.


I thought that was a great twist. Tell me what you think. And what should Kristen choose?

Team Niall or Team Harry?

Also try to guess who the shadow is.


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