Love & War

Kristen is her name. 16 years old and with a dream to join the army. One direction goes to the army and start falling for her. She told herself not to fall in love with those two guys.To late......


2. Leaving

A week later I was in my room packing. "Shirt check, pants check, undies check , shoes check, hat check.......what am I missing? Oh! Tampons. " I run to my bathroom and get a handful from the cabinet. " Tampons check! Alrighty." I zipped it all up and slung my knapsack on while running down the stairs. " Im ready mum!" I yelled. I saw her on the couch watching the news. She switched it off and ran up to me. " I'm gonna miss you" she said through sobs. " I'll miss you too mum" I said my eyes brimming. with tears. " BEEP! BEEP!" The bus honked. I walked away from mum and went towards the bus.

There were boys everywhere screaming and throwing stuff that I didn't want to know. I walked all the way to the back to the only girl I saw. I sat and lolled around. The bus was hot as shit, it was crowded which made it even hotter. I started

sweating under my lips. " hi!" The girl next to me said. " hello " I said back. She had short black hair. Her eyes were grey and black. She was skinny and tall. Her shirt was red and she wore white denim shorts. " what's your name?" She asked me. " Kristen and yours? " I asked " Bella" we started a conversation shortly after that. We talked about hair, makeup and that other girly stuff. We finally stopped. " alright you knumskulls get out of my bus before I make you" Shit! I walked out with Bella. The camp was humongous there were 16 different cabins lined up on one side and a whole army playground on the other. " all of you stand in the straightest line!" Yelled a guy up front. One look at him and you'll run for your mommy. He had coal black hair with a hint of grey. A salt and pepper mustache. He wore a dark grey tee and I can see his bulging muscles. One punch and it's to the emergency room. " let's go over the rules. No flirting. No playing. No phone. No crying. No whining. And absolutely no boyfriends or girlfriends. " Damn! He was serious! " I'm going to pair you up in four different groups. Each have seven. We are going to play a little game of man hunt." What the fuck is man hunt? I said to myself. " alright Luke, Benson, Tiffany, Laura, Fred, Daniel, and Martha. Team 1 . Team 2. Frank, Thorn , Ed, Gary, Danielle, Gail and Mary. Team 3. Annabeth, Mayhem, Jesus, Jacob , Skye, Alex and Thomas. Team 4. Kristen, Bella, Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Liam. The rest will play tomorrow." No. Fucking. Way. One direction is here?! Shit!


How do you guys like the story now? Great twist ehh? Tell me your suggestions!! Really wanna hear them!! Hope you enjoy this chapter!

~ Far_Tomlinson

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