Love & War

Kristen is her name. 16 years old and with a dream to join the army. One direction goes to the army and start falling for her. She told herself not to fall in love with those two guys.To late......


4. A kiss

I woke up in a white room. I was wearing different clothes and I got up and walked around. " Hello? " it echoed throughout the never ending room. " Hello sweetheart. " the voice said I turned and saw blue eyes. I screamed.

I sat upright in a bed sweating. I was screaming like crazy. The door banged open and Niall ran to my side. " you alright?" He asked, his eyes were bloodshot and he smelled really bad. I looked at him. I was about to hug him when I winced. I looked down and saw a bandage wrapped around my stomach. " W-what happened?" I asked him. He turned pale and grabbed a chair. He held my hand. The butterflies were here again. " You were shot while you were trying to capture the other flag during Man Hunt. He shot you in the stomach. We found you on the floor in the middle of the night with a puddle of blood around you. I thought you were d-d-dead" he started sobbing and I grabbed his face and looked at him straight in the eyes. " Why do you care so much about me?" I asked him his soft face still in my hands. "Because, because I love you Kristen " he sniffed and looked at me. I hugged him. " I love you too Niall" I said . " You do? " he asked looking at me with a little gleam in his eyes. " yeah, I've like you since you first took my hand." I told him. He gently brushed his fingertips against my cheek. He grabbed a piece hair that was in my face and gently tucked it behind my ear. Then he cupped both his hands on my neck and leaned in. He started kissing me on my lips and I kissed back. In the middle of our kiss the door opens. I break away and look up. The person then runs out the door.Harry.

I kicked my legs over and got off the bed. I screamed in pain and fell forward. Niall caught me just in time and plopped me back on the bed. " Don't get up you might hurt yourself more. " he said he started walking out the door. " No!! Stay with me Niall! I'm scared the guy might come back." I yelled I started crying. He came over and embraced me. " It's okay I won't leave. I promise" I looked up at him and pecked him on the lips. " I love you Nialler." I told him. " Nialler?" He looked down at me confused. " A nickname for my boyfriend." He smiled when I said boyfriend. He layed down on the bed with me and I cuddle up against him. Soon I fell into a deep sleep.


Hope you liked this chapter. It was just a filler. Now tell me peoples Team Harry or Team Niall? I don't know about you guys but I'm going for Niall. But anything can happen.....😉


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