Love & War

Kristen is her name. 16 years old and with a dream to join the army. One direction goes to the army and start falling for her. She told herself not to fall in love with those two guys.To late......


1. A choice

We all walked away from the station. I smiled with joy as my mom handed me the papers. It was my dream to join the army. Not a typical dream for a 16 year old.

I haven't told you about myself. My name is Kristen Carter. I have brownish-blondish hair, hazel eyes and an award winning smile(as my mom calls it). I'm from Miami, Florida the sunny state. It wasn't so sunny after my dad died. That's why I'm here at the station. I made a promise to my dad before he died. But, not just any promise, a special promise that I intended to keep forever. Since he was in the army, I told him I would take the responsibility when I'm older and take his place. That's when I was 12 I was seriously crazy.

I went up to my moms Toyota Camaro and sat in the passenger seat. " Sweetie, we need to talk. " my mom said. Uh-oh I thought. " what's up mom did something happen?" I asked filled with concern. " I met a man at Starbucks last week and yesterday he asked if I would like to be his girlfriend!!" She squealed like a 10 year old. My mood saddened. " Thats great mom." I said looking out the window at Triangle Park. " I was gonna ask your permission." She said. Silence..... " So? " she asks leaning to try to get a glimpse of my expression. I didn't want her to see. My eyes were brimming with tears. Mom saw and she kept her mouth closed the rest of the ride home.

I didn't want to make mom sad. The truth was I was upset that she was dating. She hadn't seen a single guy since dad died. I knew dad was always in my heart. But since they were married when he died I thought she would never go off with someone else. I was crying because she told me that and her wedding ring was off.


Oh my god I'm soooo nervous this is my first movella that I'm writing. Would have done it sooner but couldn't find a way to sign up. I stayed up till 2 AM doing this one chapter. Sorry it was so short! I really like writing and making stories. I might not upgrade till Wednesday. Homework.... UHHH. I hope you guys like it so far. I also need some advice. Tell me some ideas for the story. Might use some😉. Love u all. Enjoy!!!!


( real name is Fariah)

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