Not your Typical Love Story

She had the chance to meet Austin Mahone she blew it.
It changed her life.


6. That Went Well

What the hell was going on! I couldn't believe what was happening. He ran out "Whats up guys!!" *the crowd cheers* "So do you want to know who the lucky girl is?" *crowd cheers* "first I am going to teach you guys the What About Love dance!"

Fuck! I can't dance I have no rhythm. I am going to look like an idiot.

We all got up from the chairs and he walked down the line and gave everyone a hug. Then he got to me and I stuck my hand between him and I, he shook it. He then said into the mic "conservative I like that"

Ugh I was over being depressed about him. He was so cocky.

We all learned it and I wasn't horrible. I was really embarrassed though.

He hugged all of the girls and they were escorted off of the stage. A chair was brought out and I was basically forced by his dancers to it on it. Austin Must have left the stage because that kid Alex that I bumped into earlier came out and everyone cheered. He said "Austin will be back. He has to get his guitar ready. So Danny I heard you earlier today at your band practice and thought you were great. We then found out that you were the one Austin was going to be singing to today. Aren't you excited?" I said "no." Alex replied with a awkward "sorry to hear that."

Then Austin ran out and everyone went crazy. I did not. I made up my mind that he was a stuck up cocky asshole who because he can hold a note thinks he is better than everyone and can get any girl he wants. Well new flash I am not one of those girls that begs on her knees for an autograph anymore.

Austin: I heard Danny loved this song when I sang it at my concert in August. So here is Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney .

I almost died. I grew up to that song. It has so many emotional ties to it.

As he was singing it he walked over held my hand and then kissed it. Ugh pig. He then pulled me from my chair and grabbed my wait and started slow dancing with me. I was so done.

I jumped off the stage and I ran out of the auditorium.

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