Not your Typical Love Story

She had the chance to meet Austin Mahone she blew it.
It changed her life.


7. It all Comes Out

I was running to my car to go home and someone was calling my  name. It was Matt. He said he would give me a ride home and I agreed because with the way I was feeling I don't think I should have been driving.

Our car ride consisted of me sobbing and huffing out bits and pieces of words. We got to my house and I asked Matt if he wanted to come in and he agreed. We went and sat in the living room and he said " so to be clear you loved the kid with all your heart and you lost your chance to meet him. Then this happened and you are mad because he didn't decide to care until your mom passed. you also think he made you look like an idiot in front of the entire school. " I replied with "Yeah. I probably looked like a crazy fan. It was embarrassing and HE didn't care to come and see me until my mom died. It is probably just good publicity for him to come and meet the depressed fan. Like he can sleep better at night knowing he did this."

Matt: "I don't think you looked stupid. I think when you left him you made him look dumb, and his face was priceless!"

Me: "Haha he thinks just because he can belt a note he can get any girl he wants."

Matt: "I'm glad he couldn't get you. Can I tell you something?"

Me: " yeah sure?"

Matt: " I was pretty jealous when he was kissing your hand and trying to dance with you. I could only imagine myself up there with you. I know you probably think that's weird and creepy and you don't like me, but I had to tell you."

Me: "I've like you since Freshman year, you just cant take a hint."

(he then kissed me) It was so good! I couldn't believe how good of a kisser he was! It was passionate and intense and perfect.

He said "so are we exclusive?"

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