Not your Typical Love Story

She had the chance to meet Austin Mahone she blew it.
It changed her life.


4. A Wish to Be Granted

3 months until graduation and I start my life. Not very exciting huh? I plan to go into business then get a culinary arts degree and open my own bakery. 

I got to school by an Amish buggy this morning because my car broke down in the middle of the country. I goo to a very small school, like no more that 600 kids in the middle school of high school. It was very common to see Amish people out riding in the morning. It sound weird but around here it isn't.

When I walked in I saw a bunch of squealing girls huddled by the office windows. I wonder what that was about.

I got to first period AP calculus and sat down next to my long time friend Marinn. She has a twin and is very shy about herself, yet she is the weirdest and craziest person I know. Her twin brother is Sam. He's a drummer and obsessed with technology. He built a computer his freshman year. 

We aren't your normal high school drama queens. I like to cut my own paths and not go with the crowd. I kind of stand out a little. I am very bull headed and am not afraid to share my opinion either.

I moved to 2nd period and sat down in my usual spot next to Matt. Your average farmers boy. He is great. He isn't bad looking either so that doesn't hurt anything. Then the announcements came on, which was weird because announcements weren't until 3rd period. I would know because I do the pledge everyday. "Danny ------ Brianna ----- Ally ----- and (random freshman I don't know) please report the the principles office"


(I added the ---- because I am only keeping us on a first name basis)


I wonder why they called me and two of my best friends down. There was that party last week, but I didn't drink alcohol. I was really confused.

I must have been the first to leave because I didn't see any of the others leave their class rooms. I was walking kind of fast and had my eyes planted on my phone trying to find out if I was going to have to ride the bus or not.

I bumped into someone and said "watch out asshole" and when I looked up it was a brown haired kid with longish swoopy hair. He was wearing a necklace that said Alex.

He just looked at me and slowly walked away expecting me to like freakout or something.

Why did he look so familiar? Maybe he just went here and I forgot. He couldn't have been any younger than a Junior, but I know all of the Juniors and Seniors.

I finally made my way to the office and saw Fern the secretary lady. She had a goofy smile on her face. I was so confused.


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