Disconnect [Harry Styles]

Jenna and her family decide to go to London England for their family vacation for the summer. While wandering around the streets of London with her cousin, Erika, they sneak into a night club not know the boys of One Direction are partying there..


2. Chapter 2

"Where do you want to go?" Claire asks, as we walk down the streets of London. "I don't know," I say, looking at Erika. "Why don't you show us around?" She looks at me and nods. "Let's go!" 


"It's getting dark, do you want to start walking back?" Claire being herself asks. Ignore her and look over at Erika who is looking at the ground kicking rocks that are in her way. "Do you know any night clubs?" Erika smiles and nods. "Yes, let's go party!" We smile and she leads the way to a club. "I'm not legal though?" I turn to Claire and shrug. "We'll sneak you in." She frowns and stops walking. "No, what if we get caught?" I roll and eyes and grab her arm. "We wont, I promise. You can either go home or sneak into a club and have some fun." I hear her sigh. "Okay, but if we get caught I'm blaming you." I chuckle. "Whatever," 

"This is one of the popular club in London where lots of celebrities come and party." I see Claire smile a little. If she thinks we're going to see One Direction here then she's crazy. "Cool, lets go in then." We walk to the entrance but stop. "How are we going to sneak Claire in? She's only 17," Erika just shakes her head and opens the door. "I know the bouncers here, they'll let her in." I nod and we walk in. We walk over to the bouncer and he asks for ID. I pull out my ID and hand it to him. "Visiting?" I smile and nod. Erika grabs Claire's arm and we quickly walk through the door and into a crowd of people. We followed Erika to an empty table and sat down. We didn't dress up so we probably stick out from the crowd. "Anyone want a drink?" Erika asks, standing up. "I don't drink," I tell her and she rolls her eyes. "Well you're having one, Missy." She smirks and walks away. I sigh and pull out my phone. 1 new message; mom. I open it up. 

Mom: where are you guys and when are u coming back? 

I click reply. 

Me: We decided to go to this party. We'll be back soon

I put my phone back in my pocket to see Erika arriving back with our drinks. "You'll love it!" I sigh and grab the glass from her. "Cheers!" She says, hitting our glasses together. I put it to my lips and take a small sip. "It's not too bad, I guess." She just chuckles. "Told ya." 

   We have been here for an hour now, dancing to the music. I've only had 2 drinks, already feeling tipsy. "I'll be right back!" I yell to Claire and Erika over the loud music. "Okay." I walk away from them and start walking outside for some fresh air. Not watching where was going, I clumsily banged into someone, spilling my drink all over my shirt. "Sorry!" I said, not paying attention to who I was talking to. "No, im sorry. I should've been watching where I was going." The sound of his raspy voice made me look up. "T-that's okay." I stuttered. There standing beside me is the Harry Styles from One Direction. I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself. "Want me to get you another drink?" I shake my head and put the glass down on the counter. "No, I was just going to get fresh air then drag my sister and cousin home. He nods and opens the door for me. "Mind if I join you?" I smile and walk out the door. "Sure," I get outside and get my phone out, seeing 2 messages from my mother. "Where are the other boys?" I ask, while opening the messages. "They're inside dancing up a storm. They're drunk as hell." I chuckle and sit down on the bench. 

Mom: You're bringing Claire to a club?! 

Mom: Don't be too late.

Me: Don't worry. She isn't going to be drinking.

We stayed out there talking for about 10 minutes before I stood up. "I'm going to head home now," He nods and stands up, opening the door for me. "I'm going to start rounding up the guys 'cause I'm tired. We had a long day today rehearsing." I nod and walk inside. I walk over to Claire and Erika, who are now sitting down. "Oh my god!" I forgot Harry was with me. I turn my attention to Harry. "This is my sister, Claire, and my cousin, Erika. Claire looks like she is going to faint and Erika stand up, giving Harry a friendly hug. "Well, let's go. Mom wont stop texting me." They both nod and Claire give Harry a hug. "You busy tomorrow?" I turn around and look at Harry. "Not that I know of. Why?" He shrugs and walks closer. "I can show you around London since I haven't seen you around here before." I smile and nod. "I'd love that." I give him my number. I know I just met him but come on, who wouldn't give their number to Harry Styles? "See you tomorrow," I give him a hug and walk over to Erika and Claire. "Bye!" 

  After 30 minutes of walking, we arrive back at Erika's. We walk in and quickly go upstairs. "Night guys," I say before shutting my door and walking over to my bed. I changed into some comfy pajamas and climbed in bed. I decided to go on Twitter. 

@Jenna_Harris: Met @Harry_Styles at a club while partying with @Claire_ and @Erika_Peters ! Off to bed now, night xx

I set my phone on the end table beside my bed and slowly drifted to sleep. 

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