Disconnect [Harry Styles]

Jenna and her family decide to go to London England for their family vacation for the summer. While wandering around the streets of London with her cousin, Erika, they sneak into a night club not know the boys of One Direction are partying there..


10. chapter 10

 "So, where are we going?" I ask, turning my head to look at him. "You already know the answer. It's a surprise!" I groan and look out the window; watching the scenery go by. "Can you at least give me a hint?" He glances at me and shakes his head. "No way," the rest of the car ride was in silence, listening to the radio. 

   "Well, here we are," He says, opening his car door. I was just about to open mine when he grabbed my arm. "Don't get out yet." I just nod and lean back in the seat. He shuts his door and quickly walks around to the passengers side, opening my door. "Now, you can come out," I shake my head giggling. He shuts the door when I get out and starts walking over to the restaurant. We walk in and find a table next to a window. A waiter comes over and takes our order. "What would you like?" Harry orders first then looks over to me. "What do you want?" I shrug and quickly scan through the menu. "I guess just a burger and fries." The waiter nods, writing something down and walking away. We sit there in silence for a few minutes, not sure of what to say. "So, why did you guys come to London?" He asks, looking at me. "We have been going to Australia for the past 7 years now and wanted to go some where different. My parents let my sister pick where we go and she said London so, here we are." He nods and I take a sip of my drink the waiter just brought for us. "How long are you staying here for?" I set down my drink and look at him. "2 months. We leave September 1st." He just nods and the waiter sets our food down in front of us. "Enjoy your meals," I politely smile and thank him. 

   "It's only 8:30pm. Want to go see what movies are playing at the theater?" I smile and nod. "Sure." We get in his car and drive off. "So, when do you start touring?" He glances over at me but quickly focuses back on the road. "we start in 2 weeks but we have August 29, 30, 31, and September 1st off." I just nod and turn the radio up slightly. 

We walk in the theater, looking at the list of movies that's playing. "What about, the new Hunger Games?" I say, looking through the list. "I haven't even watched the first Hunger Games yet." I nod and continue looking. "The Nut Job?" He suggests, pointing up to the movie title. "Sure, let's check it out." We bought our tickets and went straight to look for seats. "Oh my gosh!" I hear a girl squeal as soon as we walk into the theater. A girl that looks around 13 is looking at us from her seat, trying not to scream it looks like." I smile at her and wave, which she politely smiles and waves back. I look to see who's sitting beside her but no one is there. "Why don't we sit with her?" I suggest, looking up at Harry. "I don't know. If she is going to be squealing and fangirling in my ear through the whole movie than absolutely not." I shrug and walk over to her, leaving Harry standing alone. "Hi, who are you sitting with?" I ask her, smiling. "No one. I was sitting with friends but they had to leave." I nod and look over at Harry, who is still in the same place I left him in. "Well, can Harry and I sit with you?" Her eyes lit up and a big smile spread across her face. "Yes, of course!" I smile and wave for Harry to come over. "As long as you don't scream in his ear than, we'll sit here," she nods and Harry takes the seat beside her. I sit down beside him and lean my head on his shoulder. 




"Worst. Movie. Ever." Harry complains for the 10th time in the last 5 minutes. Through the whole movie, the girl wouldn't stop talking, which got Harry annoyed. I sigh and get out of the car. We just arrived back at my house. "Are you going to come in for a little?" I turn to look at him. "I would love to but I got to get going. Louis is probably starving right now." I raise my eyebrows. "He's too lazy to learn how to cook." I just nod and hug him goodbye. "Well, Today was amazing so, thank you." I give him a kiss on the cheek and step back. He smiles. "We need to go at a time where there would be no screaming fans." I chuckle and sigh. "Well, I better get inside. It was nice hanging with you, today." He pulls me in for another hug. "Let's do that again sometime." I nod and pull back. I turn around and start walking to the door. "Jenna!" I hear Harry yell. "What?" I say turning around and seeing him following me. "I change my mind. I'll stay for awhile," I smile and nod, opening the door. 

"Hey, Jenna!" My mother says from the kitchen. "Hi," I walk in the kitchen with Harry following close behind me. "How was your...time out?" She says, noticing Harry was here. "It was good." She nods and continues cooking whatever she was cooking. "Hello, Harry. Nice to finally meet you." She turns back around, smiling. "Nice to meet you too, Mrs Harris." Harry politely nods and I walk into the living room where Erika was watching TV. "Hey guys," She says, waving at us. "Hey," I sit down beside her and Harry sits on the other couch. "So, how was the date?" I roll my eyes and look at the TV. "Good." She smirks at me and turns her attention on Harry. "Since you guys are like..dating now, if you hurt her, I will hunt you down and kick your ass." Harry just chuckles and looks at her. "I won't." I just sit here, scrolling through Twitter on my phone. "Promise?" Erika sticks her pinky out at Harry. "Oh god. You still do this pinky promise crap?" She rolls her eyes. "Just do it." They lock pinkys and I put my phone in my pocket. "Okay so, what do you want to do?" Erika shrugs and leans back. "Watch The Walking Dead." I roll my eyes and stand up. "Well, I'm going to get going now." I nod and follow Harry to the door. "Well, see you maybe tomorrow." I smile and shrug. "Talk to you later," he pulls me in to a hug. "I'll miss you," I smile and feel heat rising to my cheeks. "I'll miss you, too." I pull away and he looks at the ground. "Well, I got to go," unexpectedly, he slowly leans down and our lips connect. "I'll see you tomorrow," I nod and watch him walk to his car and drive off until his car was out of sight. 

I just had my first kiss. And what's more crazy is, it was with Harry Styles.

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