Friends With Benefits and Drugs (Ashton-Michael Fan-Fic)

Parties. Drugs. Sex. People. Trouble. Fun.

"Hi, I'm Michael"
"Nice, Aleah. Follow me upstairs?" He nodded.

"Is that LSD?" I nodded taking one from the plastic bag.
"Can I get some?"


1. Prologue

Friends with Benefits…and Drugs


Loud music was blaring from room to room. Drinks were being past, grinding people, and drugs being dealt on tables. This night could have any outcome but with the amount of drinks that were being passed to me, I wouldn't have a clue of the consequences the next day.

I saw a blur of a tall, skinny, blued hair boy standing by the stoner's table.

"Hi, what's your name?" I looked up at him, now realizing how tall he really was.

"Hi, I'm Michael."

"Nice, Aleah. Follow me upstairs?" He nodded.

I grasped his hand and walked up the spiral staircase. I found an empty room and shut the door behind me.


"Can I get your number babe?" Michael asked putting in his shirt.

"If your gonna call it tomorrow?"

"If course. Uh, random question but do you attend Norwest Christian College?" My head fell to the floor as I let out a sign but almost a laugh.

"Yep.…Do you go there too?"

"Yeah. I'll see ya 'round?" I nodded as he opened the door.

I walked downstairs and went to a table. A young girl pulled out a plastic bag with 8 pils.

"LSD, anybody got something good to trade?"

"Here's 200 dollars" I offered.

"How many are you wantin?"

"Enough to get me through the night."


I woke up in my own bed, to my surprise. Last night was a blur, just like the other endless parties I've been too.

I checked my phone and found a missed call from an unknown number. Me being still high, I called it back.

"Hello, Aleah?"

"Er, yeah. Who's this?"

"Micheal! Do you remember last night?" I went along, just another one-night stand.

"Yep, I sure do!"

"Well I just wanted to make sure you got home safely. You past out on a couch after you took a few LSD, a friend said she'd take you home."

"Oh…explains some. But yeah I'm home. Thanks for calling. Usually one-night stands don't call the next day." I laughed a little hoping he would too.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't really know it was that way…"

"Ouch. I hate to do the whole stay friends shit but you already have my number."

"Sounds cool, see you tomorrow!"

"What's tomorrow?"

"School. Hope you get over that hangover soon."

"Your hopes are as stronger as mine, babe"

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