Friends With Benefits and Drugs (Ashton-Michael Fan-Fic)

Parties. Drugs. Sex. People. Trouble. Fun.

"Hi, I'm Michael"
"Nice, Aleah. Follow me upstairs?" He nodded.

"Is that LSD?" I nodded taking one from the plastic bag.
"Can I get some?"


3. Chapter 3- Too Fucked Up

4 months later


I looked over the edge of the cliff I sat on while I ate a bag of sun chips. I ran my hands through the healthy grass as Michael mumbled about some school drama.

"I remember coming here with my dad every summer." I blurted out, cutting Michael off in mid-sentence.

"Where's your dad?"

"Iraq. He's in the army for the U.S."

"Oh. What about your mum?"

"She's in Russia. That's where she's stationed."

"So why are you not in the U.S.?"

"My dad was stationed here while my mom was at home. He asked for me to come because he hadn't seen me for 5 years. I was 14 then. Mom let me come and for the last month that he was here" My voice broke. "He had some free time off of the base and he took me here to tell me that my mom and him have separated. He found someone else."

Michael patted my back and I blinked my tears away.

"Your gonna laugh your ass off but the reason they spilt was because my mom decided the whole 16 years that they were together, she was a lesbian the whole time. Our family disowned her. I was the only one that talked to her."

"Did you stay with your dad and his wife?"

"Yeah, I wanted to try it out. Then he got stationed in China 2 years ago. My dad's wife and he's son moved to New York with her family."

"He had a son with her?" Michael cocked his head to the side.

"Yep" I picking at the old nail polish on my nails.

"Why don't you talk about him?" I shrugged

"It's hard. You're the only best friend I've had. Hell and you're the best one." Michael blushed. We still have our one-night stands, we're the definition of Friends With Benefits.

"I'm glad your opening up."

"Yeah. Not just my legs this time."

"Doesn't sound to bad right now." He kissed the inside of my earlobe.

"Wait. Later." I pushed his chest away and laid my back onto the grass. Michael followed.

"We're doing auditions for drummers this Saturday."

"Hmm cool. Does this mean this whole band thing is serious?"

"I think we're gonna be big." Michael ruffled his hair and turned his head to me. He grabbed my hand and had some sort of seriousness in his tone.

"But if we do…I'd rather loose the band over you."

"You need to find a real women. A girl for a lifetime. Not some sex here and there. I'm too fucked up."

2 weeks after they met

Michael and I danced on the second floor of the club we snuck into. The red, blue and green lights flickered and flashed around us. Leather couches were worn and occupied. The floor beneath us was made out of glass looking down on the first floor. I heard glass break and chairs being thrown. A cold hand grabbed my waist.

"We gotta get out of her before your hurt" I only saw the same blur of blue hair I had seen the night I met him.

I nodded and a crowd bombarded the elevator door as the two men fighting started to grab bigger objects to throw. I looked back and saw the staircase door and tore the hand attached to mine across the floor. People still danced underneath us. I'm sure they'd leave when they saw the school of us running. Michael and I were the first to leave.

We got into my old, beaten up bug.

"Haven't seen this type of car before, yeah?"

"It's from the U.S."

"There's another party on Wattle Street, Selena's party."

We got to the party to find many cars and jumped right into the party unnoticed. Michael wandered off with a random girl upstairs while I went to get my fix at a table. A big, callused hand hit my butt.

"Can I help you?" I asked quiet annoyed.

"Yeah babe. Upstairs?"

"In a sec perv." I turned making sure my hair flipped across his chest.

I found Alec and asked for the LSD he deals around school

"1 left it's your lucky night sweets."

"Cut the names, here's the money" We traded and I saw Michael walking downstairs alone.

"Where's the chick?"

"Not my type" Michael noticed the bag and pointed to it.

"Is that LSD?" I nodded taking one from the plastic bag.

"Can I get some?"




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