Friends With Benefits and Drugs (Ashton-Michael Fan-Fic)

Parties. Drugs. Sex. People. Trouble. Fun.

"Hi, I'm Michael"
"Nice, Aleah. Follow me upstairs?" He nodded.

"Is that LSD?" I nodded taking one from the plastic bag.
"Can I get some?"


2. Chapter 2 - Can I come?

"Hey Mike" I said slowly walking past him and his friend's.

"Come here" By the way I walked by I looked like I was desperate for attention. But I really just wanted another night with him.

"This is mah friends, Luke and Calum"

"I thought you wanted to kill him?"

"He said he'd take Luke's glasses and shank 'em with them." Calum spoke.

"Awe quit being a dick Cal. Actually we're starting a band. We're just looking for a drummer for our gigs." Michael cut Calum off.

"Luke is this bullshit? Are they beating you?"

"Ha No"

"No shanking going on?" He blushed and Michael nudged my arm. I looked at him and he moved his head signaling for me to follow.

He lead me to the bathroom and closed the stall door.

The bell rang as I was putting on my jeans.

"Shit, should I go out first?"

"Erm Babe, your shirt is inside out. Stop stressing, I've never gotten caught." I helped him fixed his shirt.

"Do you do this all the time?" He asked while fixing his hair.

"A few but like no one knows I smoke." I added.

"Where the hell do you smoke?"

"Parking lot."

"I see you like to skip school a lot."

"Yep well I'm gonna skip, see ya tomorrow."

"Can I come?"

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