The Gang

Jasmine is a straight A student in high school, follows all the rules, always goes through her rule book checking if she broke one. Until Harry comes along and takes her somewhere she dreaded never to see in her entire life. READ TO FIND OUT


4. Zayn.

I sat next to Zayn. Not making any eye contact with him, but i could feel his eyes burning through me.

Z: Ashley??
M: What??!! *I was completely and utterly annoyed*
Z: Why are you here?! I thought u didn't want to be next to me or even be my best friend. he said coldly
M: Zayn, Perrie made it up. you wouldn't believe me if i even told you what she did to me. i said softly

Z: Perrie wouldn't do anything to you. I bet your just jealous that she is my girlfriend and you aren't!!!!!
M: *i felt the tears flow down my cheeks.* Zayn... What have you become?? *i burried myself in my arms crying on the desk* This made me feel like i am shit to him. I didn't care about anything anymore.

30 more minutes till the Bell rings

I got up grabbing my bag nearly walking out of the classroom. 

I stopped in my tracks

T: Where do you think you are going miss. styles??
Ugh I hated being  called miss.styles. Harry's sister. Yes i am his sister. I wouldn't tell anyone my last name because Harry was never here for me. Why would i want to have his last name when he doesn't even act like a brother.

P: Maybe she is going to have 'it' in the janitors closet with her one and only manwhore brother. *She thought it was funny but no one laughed, they knew not to mess with Harry or even myself.*
I walked up to her grabbed her hair.

M: Its funny how you had sex with your brother in the girls bathroom yesterday because Zayn was at football practise, oh and you know what else is funny how you went clubbing a week ago and had a threesome! Oh wait there is more. Remember how you and the head captain of the cheerleading squad went to the back of the school ground and started making out. And remember-


P: STOP!!! she was shocked about how much i know about her.
Z: Is that true??...

P: Off course not! are you actually going to believe that slut?!
Z: I don't know who to believe but i am going ask all those people that were involved.
P: No,no,no,no. Fine yes! yes i did all of that!! But who cares we are still going to be boyfriend and gilfriend right!?!

Z: You think i am  desperate to be your boyfriend. You forced me to be your boyfriend and stay away from Ashley or else you would tell the whole school i had a crush on her! But you know what actually thought we had was real i was soooo wrong!!! WE ARE OVER.

M: Oh, and i forgot this. I punched her right in the face causing a crack noise come from her nose. I always was here and im here to stay! If you EVER talk shit about me or even my brother you will have more damages to your body then what your little possy did to me

Z: Wait What?! She got her possy to beat you up?
M: -nods-
Z: Your a desperate fucked up slut!!



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