The Gang

Jasmine is a straight A student in high school, follows all the rules, always goes through her rule book checking if she broke one. Until Harry comes along and takes her somewhere she dreaded never to see in her entire life. READ TO FIND OUT


2. School

Jasmine's P.O.V

I woke up extra early to get all my supplies for school and homework. After i had all that in my bag i grabbed a pair of skin tight jeans with a baggy t-shirt, reading glasses  and started putting them on. I didn't feel like putting my make-up on to hide my facials because i won't be taking off my glasses anyway.

I actually have a DEEP secret. *My real name is Ashley, i 'was' Zayn Malik's best friend until i was threatened by his girlfriend Perrie. She told me to stay away from him and leave the country. I didn't take her seriously until her little possy draggged me into a ally and beat the heck out of me. They caused loads of damage to my body. I didn't have the heart to leave the country and Zayn so i changed my look and my style for him to just think of me as one of the nerds. He joined a gang because of me, Perrie told him i couldn't stand to be his best friend or even be next to him*

I grabbed my bag and sprinted outside to my car. I drove to school pretending to be such a geek like stuttering when boys come over to me, cry about everything and be stubborn. All those things i really don't do. I walk straight into my first class which is english, my luck was off the edge today because Zayn is in all my classes. I sat in my seat finishing all of my work. I have been hiding it for almost 2 years now. 

I needed to ask Mrs Stanely a question about my homework, i quickly got up and speed walked to my teachers desk, not looking where i was going, i was still reading my homework. Until i bumped into a toned hard body falling right onto of him making my glasses fall off. I looked up to see who it was. Zayn

Z: "Ashley??"

Shit, I didn't put on my make-up! Ugh no,no,no,no. I didn't know what to do. So i sprinted down the hall into the girls bathroom making sure no one saw me. I am doomed


Yes i know this is the worst chapter. Please comment things i should put in the book :) Thank you. Love u guys <3


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