Is It Love? (Short Story)

So since there is a lot and I mean A LOT of 1D (which isn't bad) I'm doing a twist

Brittany finds out she's related to Andy Biersack and soon she starts dating Ashley Purdy. Short Story *COMPLETED*


2. What!?

Brittany's POV

"WHAT!?" I yell

My dad sighs "I'm sorry Brit but living in the uk has gotten dull I want to experience the American life!"

"Where are we moving to?" I ask bored

"I believe you know this place very well" he smiles


he covers his ears waiting for me to get excited to I did I started squealing and jumping up and down

"OMG OMG OMG " I laugh

"Thank you daddy" I smile and hug him them run upstairs and grab my Laptop and log into twitter and post something.

" She_Wears_Vans_: OMG I'm gonna be living in the same town as my idols! @AndyBvb @AshleyBvb "(A/N forgot his twitter)

I smile and get off my computer then look for an outfit to wear to the concert

The next day i got up and did my morning routine then i got on ripped skinny jeans and a BVB band tee shirt then did my war paint like Andy and Ashley then i went downstairs and jumped into my truck..what i don't like cars i like to go mud riding. 

~I know it sucks it's only a filler chapter for right now bare with me please-





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