Is It Love? (Short Story)

So since there is a lot and I mean A LOT of 1D (which isn't bad) I'm doing a twist

Brittany finds out she's related to Andy Biersack and soon she starts dating Ashley Purdy. Short Story *COMPLETED*


4. Next Day

Andy's POV

I saw the way Ashley was looking at my sister last night which is still weird for me to say. Is that Brittany walking up to me? I squint and nod to myself yeah it is

"Hey Andy can you take me to get my lip pierced like you?"

I nod

"Sure let's go"

We go to the parlor and she picks out a horseshoe ring. (A/N I got my lip pierced with one today ^_^) she sits on a chair and waits when the piercer comes in she grabs my hand and looks at me with nervous eyes. when he puts the Pryor looking thing on her lip she tenses up and squeezes my hand. He puts the needle through it and then the Horse shoe.

"Wow that hurt but not that bad" she let's go of my hand and I shake it

"You fucking squeeze hard should have bought Ashley" I mumble and pay the guy at the front and he gives us the stuff to clean it.

When we get back to the hotel my mom flips out,and then Ashley looks at her lip and sighs then kisses her and whispers in her ear and she says yes and nods.

Ashley's POV

I just asked Britt to be my girlfriend! I smile widely and pick her up again and spin her around. I'm really happy

*Authors Note*

Sorry guys I got busy and forgot to update this story is my main priority on Movellas I deleted my other one. I've also dealt with ALOT of depression the last few weeks I'm sorry for making you guys wait for the chapters

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