Is It Love? (Short Story)

So since there is a lot and I mean A LOT of 1D (which isn't bad) I'm doing a twist

Brittany finds out she's related to Andy Biersack and soon she starts dating Ashley Purdy. Short Story *COMPLETED*


3. Concert Life

Brittany's POV


OMG am I dreaming because I'm standing in line for a BLACK VEIL BRIDES concert! This is the best day ever I'm excited then I hear my name call and I turn around and it's my mother that left me 4 years ago I go up to her

"What do you want" I ask

"Just come with me because I need to tell you something do you have your backstage pass?" She asks nervously

I hold up my backstage pass "yeah" I follow her and when we get there I see BVB and I cover my mouth

"Andy come here" my mom calls out

I hear his deep voice and i shake "coming mom" wait did he just say MOM

"Brittany meet your brother Andy Biersack also lead singer of Black Veil Brides"

I can't hold it in anymore and I scream and hug Andy and he hugs back "your gonna stay back here with mom while were on then I'll be back to hang out"

Ashley's POV

Brittany is gorgeous I need to get to know her I get called to go on stage

"Ashley get your ass over here were going on" Andy yells and I grab my guitar ad hustle over

-We all walk on stage -

"How are you Mother Fuckers doing tonight" Andy yells

Everyone screams

"Well that's good well were gonna make your night better we're Black Veil Brides and we're to make your night fucking better" he says

I play a few strings and take off my vest

"Were gonna start off with a new one then end old school who's ready" Andy yells

Everyone yells

"I said who's fucking ready!" He yells louder and everyone screams louder

We start off for "In The End"

Soon after 10 song we call it a night and end with "Perfect Weapon"

I throw my pic off stage and walk off stage and Brittany comes up and hugs me an I feel sparks scratch that FIREWORKS

"You guys were Great!" She squeals as I spin her around while hugging her back

Tonight was the best night ever

Brittany's POV


I'm sorry for yelling just was a good night

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