Change Your Life

Ashley was the popular girl who every one loved. She got all the guys and got everything she wanted or should I say demanded for everything. There was a girl named Sarah that she bullied. Ashley took all her anger out on Sarah. So basically Ashley's life was perfect. Tell one day, a new girl came named Kelsey, Ashley let her in and they became friends. She showed Kelsey all her moves to get a boy and how to show people that your not a nerd. But what will happen when Kelsey back stabs Ashley.


2. Chapter 1




Ugh time to get up, I don't wanna go to school. Ever since Kelsey came I've been the school nerd. I did get better in class but still I hate getting picked on everyday. I got up and went to my closet. I looked in my closet and decided on what to wear. I put on faded blue skinny jeans, a black t-shirt that said believe and sparkly vans. I put on my glasses, I wear them since my parents are to mean and they won't let me wear contacts at school.

I ran downstairs and realized my parents weren't home. You see there doctors so there gone a lot. I grabbed an apple and ran out the door.

----At School----

I was walking down the hall. I've survived till 3rd period without being seen by the 'populars'. I'm not scared of them I always stand up to them and stuff it's just I hate seeing them.

"Hey slut!" I heard someone yell from behind me, I looked behind me and saw Kelsey and her 'gang'.

"You have the nerve to call me a slut when you look like that." I was right she was wearing a SHORT pink skirt, a white crop top that said 'be me', and silver high heels.

"Whatever I have homework for you to do."

"That's weird cause yesterday you called me and I quote 'a stupid retard who needs a new life.'" With that she walked away like always.

---At Home---

School is over and I'm happy. During lunch my mom called me and said that we were getting an exchange student from Ireland. She said it was a boy, I wonder what he looks like. I walked inside and saw a blond boy sitting in the living room watching tv and eating. I walked in and sat down next to him.

"Hi my names Ashley and who are you?"

"My names Niall nice to meet you."

"Well Niall have you seen where your room is?"


"Let me show you then." I lead him upstairs to the guest bedroom and he looked shocked at it. I mean it was a regular room for a family that makes tons of money. It had a king sized bed with a walk in closet and a flat screen. Nothing special.

"Well I'm gonna go take a shower goodbye." I walked into the bathroom, striped and hoped in the shower. I did the whole process and got out. I wrapped a towel around me and looked around and realized I forgot clothes. So I snuck out of the bathroom and started walking to my room, that's in till I heard a creak. I looked over and saw Niall.

"Wow first day hear and I already see you half naked." He was laughing as he said that.

"Well I forgot clothes so I'm walking to my bedroom Niall."

"O so sorry." He was still laughing I mean most guys would check me out and whistle or something but Niall was different and I liked that. I went to my bedroom and decided since it was a Friday night I will walk around the town. I put on some acid washed short shorts, a white flannel tank, and sparkly vans. I walked out of my bedroom and walked downstairs.

"Were are you going?" I looked over and saw Niall sitting on the couch again.

"Just going for a walk." He looked at me weirdly like he didn't believe me but it was true.


Right now I was walking down the street and guys kept checking me out. I even saw a guy from school check me out. It's probably because at school I have glasses, have my hair in a ponytail, and I never wear shorts. But when I'm not at school I put my contacts in and either curl my hair or leave it naturally wavy.

'Ring ring'

'Ring ring'

Ring ring'

I grabbed out my phone and saw the caller ID was my dad.


"Get home now!"

"Okay, god I was just going for a walk."

"I don't care get home."

I hung up the phone and started walking back home but I realized I was lost. I grabbed my phone and called my dad back.

Ugh voicemail. I called my mom and still got voicemail. I stopped and looked at my surroundings, there was a park, a pizza place, and a tall building. Yep I'm lost. I sat on the curb thinking about which way I came from, no luck I wish I had a better memory.

"Need a ride?" I looked up and saw a a brown haired, blue eyes boy.

"Ummm... Yea but I don't wanna burden you."

"No it's okay."

"Okay." I climbed into his car and he started driving. "I'm Ashley by the way."

"Louis, nice to meet you." I shook his hand and when I let go he blasted the music. "I love this song." I listened and heard it was A Team. We got to my house and I climbed out.


She started to climb out of the car, but I really wanted her number.

"Wait...can I umm...have your number?" She handed me her phone and I handed her mine, then drove away. I decided to text her now.


I walked in and saw my dad sitting on the couch mad.

"What took you so long?"

"It's a long story."

"I have time now sit." I sat down next to my dad on the couch.

"Well I was walking and I got lost so u sat on the curb trying to figure out where I was when I heard someone offer a ride, I saw a guy sitting in a car and he drove me home."


"Dad it was either take the ride or get even more lost and possible not make it home."

"I DONT GIVE A FUCK GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!" I walked upstairs and slammed my bedroom door, as I did I felt a vibration in my pocket. I looked at my phone and saw I got a text.

From-The Sexiest Man Alive

Heyyyyyyy it's Louis, whaddup?

Wow that's his name in my phone. He's so weird.

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