Bethany Winters gave up everything for one boy. Justin Bieber. He meant everything to her, but on accident she found out something that absolutely broke her heart. Now she wants revenge. And to do that means entering a world she was never interested in before--the entertainment world. But what happens when she coincidentally bumps into the world's biggest boy band, One Direction, and becomes their lyricist? All she wants is revenge or at least that was what was supposed to be on her mind. But can one curly haired boy, make her want something more than revenge? Make her believe in love again?


6. One Direction Stole My Song!?!


Beth's POV


I was in a state of shock…there was no doubt that that was my song. my song. Why were they singing my song? How did they--today, when I dropped my stuff, that included my journal when it got everywhere all over the concrete…Harry had helped me pick up my stuff​I reached into my bag and pulled out the journal I brought with me practically wherever I went. It made me feel…safe and secure when I had it with me. It was a comfort thing. I flipped through the pages until I found the entry. It was missing. It was the first song I wrote after the whole Justin thing. It had my whole heart and feelings in that song. Even though, no one knows what it is really about, it still makes my heart ache just knowing. The song quickly ended and people were filing out.

I took out my back stage pass and once I showed the security guards it, they let me through. I found Harry and the boys sitting in one corner. They all must have been tired. I walked straight up to them.

"Aria! You're here!" Niall said happily. I was confused for a second before I remembered that that was what I had told them my name was. Why did I lie again? I really do not know. Well it's too late going back now. I can't just be like, 'Hi, um yeah you thought my name was Aria but it's actually Bethany!' No I was not going to do that. They all greeted me and I did the same. After all the hellos, I turned to Harry.

"That was my song. Why were you singing my song?" I asked, trying to not sound accusing and not snappy. I wasn't really that mad or anything like that about them singing my song. I just want to know why because they for sure did not ask me.

"Come again, Love?" Louis asked confused. I guess this was just something Harry knew.

"What's she talking about?" Liam asked Harry. All eyes were on Harry now.

"I want you to be our lyricist" he bluntly stated. My eyes widened just a little.

"Whah?" I was speechless.

"Be our lyricist" Harry said again. I didn't say anything. I didn't know what to say. He continued, "You're an amazing writer so I want you to be our lyricist". All eyes turned to me now.

"You mean 'Tell Me A Lie'? That was one song, what makes you so sure it was written by me?" I asked them.

"Because that journal was personal and yours right. The feelings seemed so real. I know you were the one who wrote it" Harry answered confidently. Well he was right. That was my personal journal, there were real feelings in there.

"Wait, you wrote 'Tell Me A Lie'?" Zayn asked me. I nodded.

"You're absolutely great. Right before the show, Harry told us he wanted us to sing this song, but when we asked him who it was by, he refused to tell us" Niall said. I smiled. I always thought my songs were amateur, only something I would enjoy.

"You have to be out lyricist!" Liam said happily. All the boys were looking expectantly at me.

"So will you be our lyricist?" Harry asked me again. I had to make a decision. it was either yes or no. There was no maybe. I had to make a choice. It was now or never.

I took a moment to think this through. ​Revenge. I said I would get revenge on Justin and enter his world. This wasn't exactly what I meant, but it was fine right? I'd feel bad for using them thoughAll eyes remain on me and I still haven't given them an answer. But Justin used you to get where he was now. People who aren't the ones doing the using are the ones being used. Better to be using than to be used. My subconscious was tempting me. I wouldn't be using them would I? Dumbass, if you say yes you'd be using them so you could get revenge on Justin

I don't want to use them like Justin used me, I would never do the same thing he did to me. That was wrong and horrible. I would never be like him. Never ever. If I say yes I can probably get my revenge on Justin, but if I say no it's goodbye to ever even entering the celebrity world…and I would most likely never see Harry and the boys again. I found myself not wanting that to happen. Thinking of never seeing Harry again made my heart drop. Before I could completely think this through and process all my thoughts, the words left my mouth.


What would I be getting myself into? What's the worst that could possibly happen? I guess only time will tell. I made my choice, I can't be a pussy and back out now. I was going to be One Direction's lyricist...

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