Bethany Winters gave up everything for one boy. Justin Bieber. He meant everything to her, but on accident she found out something that absolutely broke her heart. Now she wants revenge. And to do that means entering a world she was never interested in before--the entertainment world. But what happens when she coincidentally bumps into the world's biggest boy band, One Direction, and becomes their lyricist? All she wants is revenge or at least that was what was supposed to be on her mind. But can one curly haired boy, make her want something more than revenge? Make her believe in love again?


4. Almost Killed


Beth's POV


By the time I came back to reality, it was already six. I had spent all day shopping and sitting in my car writing. I was starving by now. I put my journal back into my bag and decided to walk to a little cafe that was across the street. L.A. was L.A. so it was normally filled with pedestrians, but it was busier than usual. It's actually been just busy everywhere lately. I was kind of curious to know why, but hunger took the best of me and was directing me toward the cafe. I just really wanted something to eat right now.

I really never was interested in any other celebrity except for Justin, but the thought of him, annoyed me. I guess you could say, I was out of the loop when it came to other celebrities. I cleared my thoughts and was nearing the cafe. I ordered a muffin, a hot sandwich, and a coffee. I made my way out the door and couldn't wait to eat. It wasn't exactly the best dinner and more of a lunch but it'd have to do.

I was humming along to a random song I heard on the radio when I dropped my phone. I silently cursed to myself as I picked it up. I looked up in time to see a car abruptly stopping, centimeters from me. Caught off guard, I dropped all my other stuff, including, sadly enough my food. I winced as I felt the hot coffee hit my leg. I was wearing a skirt, so my legs were completely exposed. I went to pick up my belongings. Even worse, all my papers of my journal were scattered. Despite the pain, I quickly picked up my sheets of paper. I had wrote very intimate and personal thoughts that I would not want other people to see. I reached for a loose sheet of paper and went to pick it up at the same time a hand went for it.

I looked up to see a very hot guy. I involuntarily blushed. "This is yours, right Love?" he said. An English accent. I nodded and he handed it back to me. I began to walk away, but almost fell, as the pain from the coffee was setting in. I would of fallen completely if it weren't for the strong arms that held me up by my waist.

"Th-thank you" I said, using his arm for a support.

"Don't thank me, it was my fault that you were almost hit by a car and got coffee spilled on you" he apologized sincerely.

"Harry! Stop flirting with the girl!" someone from the car shouted. It was another brunette with an English accent, except instead of green eyes, his were blue and he also had straight hair rather than curly hair. Who were these people? My thoughts were interrupted as I saw flashes and heard screaming girls. Harry shielded my face so no one could see me and before I knew it, I was dragged into the car.

​"Um…hi…" I said confused as I saw five very attractive guys.

"Hey" they said in unison. They didn't have American accents. What were they doing here in the U.S.? There was an awkward silence before anyone spoke up again.

"Sorry, Paul almost hit you with the car" another brunette apologized.

"It was Harry's fault" the driver, Paul, I was assuming said.

"Yeah, sorry it was my fault. I was messing with him" the curly haired boy, Harry said sheepishly.

"Are you okay, Love?" a dark haired boy with tan skin asked.

"Of course she's not, Zayn! Look at her leg. It's all red" an Irish accent said said.

"Sorry, to ask, but who are you guys?" I questioned, genuinely not knowing.

"You don't know who were are?" Harry asked incredulously. I shook my head no. "Well, I'm Harry" he introduced.

"Louis" the brunette with blue eyes said.

"Zayn" the tanned one answered.

"Niall" the Irish one replied.

"And Liam" the brown eyed brunette said.

"Mine's…Aria" I lied. Well, it wasn't a complete lie. Aria was my middle name. "Where are we going?" I asked them, realizing the car was moving.

"Back to our hotel, let us treat you, you know since we literally almost killed you" Harry said.

"And killed your food" Niall added.

"And you also go hurt because of Harry" Louis continued smirking at him.

"Not just me, it was also Paul's fault" Harry defended.

"It was just Harry" Zayn reassured, ignoring Harry. I giggled at their playful bickering that continued. They were really nice. I wasn't aware I was even smiling until I saw my reflection. Then it hit me. They're only nice to you because they pity you and you aren't ugly anymore. Just like Justin. He only used you and pitied you.

We pulled up from the back, but there was people surrounding the building. I suddenly felt nervous. What was with all the girls? Like Harry was reading my mind, he threw me his hoodie and said, "Don't worry, just stay close to me" I nodded, feeling safe. Making it in wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. There was almost no problems. We got inside and the others went back to their own rooms. They shot a glance at us before leaving. It was just me and Harry now. He gave me an innocent smile, and I felt myself beginning to think maybe he wasn't bad. Justin didn't seem that bad either and was nice to you, but see how that turned out? My subconscious was so spiteful today. I tensed slightly as he interlocked his fingers, barely grazing my hand.

I entered his hotel room, and he pulled out a first aid kit. I must have had a confused look on my face because he pointed at my leg and said, "I'm just going to wrap up your leg". I nodded and he finished all to quickly for my liking.

"Thank you" I said, getting up to leave. I took off the hoodie and tried to give it back to him. 

"Keep it" he said, pushing it back. I turned to leave, but was pulled back. "Here, I know this doesn't make up for you getting hurt, scaring you shitless, and making you drop your food, but here" he said. Harry gave me some food and I thanked him. I had spent almost all my money on today's makeover, and had none left after buying my food. I still had money in my savings account, but I wasn't exactly dirt poor and not particularly rich either. I was just making enough to get by.

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