Finding the right guy

Hi my names Sara. I get abused by my asshole boyfriend. My dad told me it was a bad idea to date this guy. I finally run away and knew my dad was right..I bump into someone I never expected to meet. He protects me and cares for me,nothing compared to my ex..but what happens when her ex tries to look for her..find out in this movella!


2. The Waterfall And The Guy

Sara's P.O.V

I sit down at the bench my mom and I used to sit on. I don't usually talk about my mom because if I did I would just cry nonstop. My mom died of cancer when I was 9. She was my best friend and I used to spend every moment with her. When my mom died I was the saddest amongst my whole family. I cried for a week. After my mom died I got closer to my dad. My dad wasn't a big fan of Caleb because he thought he was crazy. He warned me and that's when all the fighting began and I started to live with Caleb. My dad was right and I made the biggest mistake of my life. I had so many thoughts running through my head and something interrupted my thoughts. I heard a noise and immediately started to freak out. I saw a shadowy figure and thought it was Caleb. I screamed after the figure sat down next to me. "Oww...what was that for? I heard a British accent say. "Sorry." I said." I thought you were someone else." " Its all good. Anyways I'm Liam." he says and holds out his hand for me to shake. "Sara." I say while shaking his hand and smiles. " What brings you here sara?" He says. "I ran away but since we just met I don't want to talk about it." I say nicely trying not to sound rude." Well Sara, if you ever need to talk I will be here. It's ok if you don't want to talk about it. Since you ran away, I don't want to sound to forward but would you like to stay at my flat? I have a couple of people living there but no parents just boys." He says. I finally look up to him and didn't realize how hott he was up and down. I thought to myself about the decision and knew how could I say no? "Sure. I really appreciate it." I say. This is going to go well.

Authors Note: hi guys! It's my first movella and just wanted to say that Liam is famous but sara doesn't know! She will find out soon.. Hope you enjoy my very first movella!

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