My skill my love

A tomboy girl with the lover for breakdancing is trying to go live and make here mark. But an abusive and jealous mom is willing to go all out to ruin it for her. She meets five guys who are willing to help her shine.


2. chapter: my story

What up bitches!!!!!!! It B bitches.

Lol but for real. I'm B the rebel chick. I'm also a break dancer I live my life on the dance floor but my mom thinks different. She hates me to my core she'll do anything to keep me from being famous or get recognition for any thing I do it's like she's jealous of me.

I don't know why, but she just dose. But anyway, I just stay away from the house and a really nice guy offered me an gum that never been used, he gave it to me for free. Guess what? I hold a dance class the pay me! I don't want them to but they still do! It's so cool. Me and my friends are saving up to get an house or apartment so we can get away from are parents.

We're just earning money and were just $1000 dollars from getting a great house. We're also here to MAKE OUR MARK!!!!!!

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