Will you be good for me?(Liam Payne Fan Fiction)


4. Chapter 4

Crimson's POV

I run to the elevator hitting the boys floor repeatedly wanting to see Harry and Zayn. Liam, Niall and Louis slide into the elevator before the doors closed leaving Paul to fend for himself. As soon as the elevator stops on their floor I run towards the loud laughter coming from the room that Harry and Zayn are watching TV.

I see Harry talking to Zayn about something not paying me any attention. I motion Zayn to be quiet and stalk up towards Harry's back. I cover his eyes and place my head in the crook of his neck. Taking in his Armani cologne and knowing full well he knows it is me.

"Hello Crim." Harry says while he gently removes my hands from his green eyes. I smile down at him and wrap my arms around his neck.

I have always had a soft spot for Harry. Yes, he is the youngest but the media makes him out to be a player. If he dates you then YOU are 100% his priority of course you are below his career because his career is ALWAYS his number 1. But he will not flirt with any other girls or look at any other girls.  His girlfriends that he has had since One Direction first formed. Hated the fact that I was close with all the boys. And they tried so hard to get Harry to not be close with me. Let's just say they are now his EX-girlfriends. 

As soon as Harry lets me go I walk over to Zayn and hug him.

Oh, I guess I should talk about Zayn and Perrie. They were engaged but he found out that she had been cheating on him ever since day 1. With the sound guy for Little Mix. He was absolutely heartbroken. I have never seen him cry that much. For a month straight he slept in the same bed as me. No, nothing sexual happened he just needed somebody to be there for him and I was that person. Liam did not care because he knew how much Zayn cared for Perrie. 



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