the best gift

a girl named hailey and her friend cassidy get vip backstage one direction tickets for christmas.....but what happens when they get to the concert somthing GOOD or BAD......


2. the concert

the concert

                                                         no ones pov

when the girls got to the concert after riding in the most amazing limo ride of thier lifes they headed straight to they back so they could do the meet and greet with the boys. when they got backstage all they saw were a couple of fans screaming and looking our way. cassidy and i didnt think it was us because we werent that populaur with our singing carear yet, but when hailey feels somone put there hand on her shoulder she turns around to see its the most amazing louis tomlinson.she trys to stay as calm as she possible can but when she looks over at cassidy she has passed out into nialls arms. louis asks hailey if she and her friend want to come over to thier dressing room so they can help cassidy wake up agian and i guess just talk.

authors note srry such a short chapter ut couldnt think of anything else that wont go into the next chapter btw i am looking for liams gf, harrys gf and a villian [girl] just give me your name eye color andhair color plus what you want to be and i will choose ok thx byeeeee

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