Little miss styles

Kay loves harry but doesn't know about harry loving her until he shows his everything.


2. Flat

Kats p.o.v.

"Haz?" I looked around for harry. We were about to go to dinner but he hid on me." Haz we've gotta eat today" I laughed checking under everything. "Okay bye." I sarcastically stomped laughing.

"NOOOO DONT GO" he popped outve under a couch.

"That's what I thought curls" he swept me up and kissed me with his soft lips. We started to walk out his flat

When we reached his car, he unlocked it and we were freezing.

"Burrrr" harry shivered

"I can't believe it's this cold" I wrapped my arms around myself. Harry wrapped his arms around me noticing my coldness. I hugged him too and pretty soon we let go and he started to drive.

"Where to?" He asked me smiling

"Well, anywhere with fries is fine." I giggled

"What's with you and fries" he laughed cute

He drived up to a resteraunt and we ate quickly while we talked. I smiled when he gave me all his French fries .

"HARRRRY". Everyone looked at me

"Hahah" he laughed loud

We started to walk out when harry picked me up and twirled me. Then he kissed me longer this time and I could taste cherries.

"K you're redder than a tomatoe" he laughed.

I am not I laughed as we hugged and walked. I was wearing a jacket that matched his. Mine said I love you and his said you too with a heart. We walked into a store and he got popcorn and then we headed to the car.

"Where shall we go!?" He said like niall.

"Hahaha how about your flat." I smiled.

When we arrived I jumped onto his couch laughing. He chased me and jumped. Then he realized the door was open."oopsies" he put his hand to his mouth and made me laugh badly.

"Are Ya tired?" Harry's dimples shined.

"Yeah." I noticed the first time today I was exhausted.

"Let's go in my room." Harry and I ran onto his bed and jumped. Instant giggles came out.

"What am I wearing?" I asked

"Here" he handed me his boxers and a tank too.

"Gee thanks" we cracked up.

"Shush up" he laughed and pulled me closer after I changed.

We climbed into bed and went under his fuzzy warm covers. He held me close and we soon fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night when harry started to laugh. "What?" I was tired.

"You're snoring" he giggled and hugged me.

"Oh whatever curly" I laughed and lay down again falling asleep later than before.

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