Little miss styles

Kay loves harry but doesn't know about harry loving her until he shows his everything.


1. Feelings

Kats p.o.v.

I turned my head as harry smiled. I knew he liked me. I had the same feel of being with harry as getting money. But Harry's feels were forever. His curly hair reminded me of ocean waves, they're beautiful. His breath smells like winter mint, his teeth are the shiniest white.

When harry and I became best friends I never thought I would feel this way, and I never thought it was going to be easy having a guy friend to talk to.

Harry's the warmest soul I've ever met. He's the only guy I have feelings for. But if we broke up our friendship would be wasted like breaking ice, knowin that someone would fall in and get hurt.

Harry told me he liked me too. He could mean that he likes me how I like him or he just likes me. Either way I'm grateful for harry. He tells me everything and I return it. He's the only one who knowsy secrets, and I only know his.

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