Back to Hogwarts

Life after the magical series of Harry Potter is easy now that Voldemort is gone. But the death eaters aren't ready to dye away, Read the first installment of the Back to Hogwarts series, and then the second


2. The sorting hat's choice

Albus tried to hide from McGonagall as the first years filed into the Great Hall. Albus looked at the teachers. There was Dumbledore, alive? And Snape, in the flesh. As the sorting hat began to call names, Albus heard some familiar people. Cassandra Longbottom, Martin Thomas, Molly Goyle. When it was Albus's turn, he had some doubt in his mind. "If I go now," He thought "I'll get out of here in a day, maybe. "Albus Potter" McGonagall said, her voice sharp. He walked to the stool and plopped down. "Ha!" The hat said "Potter, Potter, Potter. I'm aware you don't want to be in Slytherin. But it's a big part of you, you know." Albus nervously glanced at Professor Snape. "But perhaps you're right. I know, then! GRYFFINDOR!" The other students roared with cheers. Rosie landed in Gryfdindor too, Scorpius was sorted into Slytherin. And Maïa, she joined Gryffindor. Why did that make Albus so Happy?

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