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Justin Drew Bieber is a name teachers, cops, and parents dread. Especially if those parents have teenage daughters between the ages 15 and 18. Justin is known for gangs, fighting, drugs, and being kind of a man whore. To say the least he's a "bad ass." But what happens when his mom gets fed up with his bullshit and signs him up for a program where you go and live with a stranger for a year as an attempt to fix his attitude. Not to mention little did Pattie or Justin know his new "parents" had a daughter ,Chelsey, who just happened to be his age. (17)


27. Chapter 21

Chelsey's POV:

Well, it's only been like two days since Nacho got here and after an hour Justin got a call and then disappeared. Nacho is only going to be here until the end of this week. To make matters worse Nacho has been staying with us. You can feel the tension in the house. It got so bad my parents left on another "work conference" until the end of the week. So its just Justin, Nacho and I, But it feels like just Nacho and me. I'm actually starting to get worried about Justin. He only comes out twice a day. He gets food, takes a shower, uses the bathroom and goes back to his room. Its like hes a ghost. Once i was awake when he came out and he had tear stained eyes. It made me want to die seeing him like that. I'm going to check on him as soon as Nacho leaves. Hopefully there will be less tension.


Justin's POV:

I can't wait for that fucker to leave. It would've been fine if they had not kissed. Then I get a call from the hospital in Canada that my mom has been in a terrible accident and that she won't make it until the end of the week. 

                                                        *flash back*

ring ring!

"hello?" i said without even checked the caller I.D.

"hello, is this Mr.Justin Bieber?" a small voice asked.

"Yes, may I ask who is calling?"

"This is Mrs.Mckenrick with the Stratford hospital. I am clling to inform you that your mother has been admitted into the hospital with several injuries."

"What?! what happened? Can I talk to her?"

*whispering over the phone* "Yes, but i'm afraid you can only speak for 5 minutes. Then she has to go back to sleep."

"okay." *waits a minute*

"Justin?" her voice was small and week.

"mom. Are you okay? what happened?"

"There was a dog in the road and i stopped to help it... but then a big truck came and they hit me and the pour dog."

"Mom, you always did put others before you. When are you going to get out of the hospital?"

"I'm not.." she said quietly.

"what do you mean you're not?!" i said holding back the tears.

"Justin.. doctors say i only got until the end of the week."

"I'm coming to see you!" i started heading for the door.

"Justin, court orders say you can't you have to stay there until the time is over. Now i have to go baby boy. I love you."

"I love you too mom."

"bye Justin."

"...bye mom"

*dial tone*

                       *end of flashback*

just thinking of what happened brought tears to my eyes once again. I cant believing im losing my mom and i cant even go see her. Kristie knows but Andrew insisted on leaving on a business trip so they left me here to see Nacho basically throw himself at Chelsey. I resorted to just staying in my room. I want to talk to Chelsey so bad but its hard because you cant get Nacho out of her ass long enough to talk to her.


*knock knock*

"Justin? It's Chelsey can I come in?"


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