Are You My Mr. Prince Charming?

When Juno Marie Radke auditions for the xfactor, she never expects to have One Direction as her singing mentors! This is a big change in music and style and everything for her! For a girl who grew up around her famous dad, Ronnie Radke, who was always dressed in black; One Direction is a big change for her!
What happens when she catches the eye of one of them? Will she catch herself wanting one of them back?


25. The Xfactor Finale Part 1

It's the night of the xFactor finale and I am nervous… It's down to the last three contestants. Me, Macy Kate, and someone named Christina Grimmie. They are really good too… I know that the chances of me winning tonight are slim but I have to try. For my dad and for me.

Harry has been with me all day! He has been very supportive too! He has been telling me all day that I am gonna win and that tonight he is gonna give me a surprise- but he won't tell me what is it! Uuuuuggghhhhh!!!


Me and Harry both arrive at the stage at the same time holding hands and everybody is still staring. At this point I have learned to just ignore it. I am used to getting looks from everybody. Why should I treat it any differently with Harry?

"What songs are you gonna sing tonight?" Harry asked.

"Roar, The Other Side, and Take A Bow." I said smiling up at him.

He smiled back down at me, "you are gonna do great and no matter what happens tonight, you will always be a winner to me." he said leaning down and kissing me.

I smiled and kissed him back and then we walked towards the dressing areas. I walked into the girls area and he walked into the judges area.

My outfit today was black high waisted shorts with a grey sweater with a lightening cloth in the middle of it and a white shirt under it. I also had on black panty hoes and my black boot heels. For my makeup and hair, they put foundation, red lipstick, mascara, and some eyeshadow. For my hair they just put up in a pony tail with a twist on the side.

When I was finished getting ready, Harry came walking in behind me and hugged me.

"Harry?" I said turning and hugging him. "What are you doing here? The show starts in like 5 minutes?"

"Yeah," he said pecking my lips. "I needed to give my girl good luck loving though!"

"Awe! Thank you babe but you really do need to go. I am performing in a few minutes." I laughed.

"Are you first?"

"Yeah, It goes me, Christina and then Macy and then three performances from other famous singers then us again and then you guys and then the elimination."

"Well, you are going to do great and you look beautiful."

"Okay, they are about to bring me to the edge of the stage, so that means you really gotta go-"

"Give me a kiss on my cheek and I will go," he winked.

"You only want my lipstick on your cheek," I said rolling my eyes and kissing his cheek leaving a kiss mark.

He smiled at me and then walked away still turning and looking at me.

When he was gone, I was taken to the end of the stage as I had predicted. Christina and Macy were behind me waiting.

"You know you aren't gonna win, freak."

I turned around and saw Christina turned looking at Macy, "Excuse me?"

Macy gave me a bitch look, "You heard me. I have this show wrapped around my finger."

"I don't care. I'm not here for attention-"

"Really? Then why are you always with Harry? He doesn't even like you-"

"Then who is with him and who's not? Yep, me. Not you. Have a nice day." I said turning and dismissing her.

I didn't say another word to her because I being directed out onto stage. My first song to sing was Roar by Katy Perry.


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