Are You My Mr. Prince Charming?

When Juno Marie Radke auditions for the xfactor, she never expects to have One Direction as her singing mentors! This is a big change in music and style and everything for her! For a girl who grew up around her famous dad, Ronnie Radke, who was always dressed in black; One Direction is a big change for her!
What happens when she catches the eye of one of them? Will she catch herself wanting one of them back?


12. My First Live Performance

For my first live performance, my mentors decided I should song the song Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs. They picked it out personally because apparently the singer is a friend of theirs and was on the xFactor UK a few years back. Joy, now I am just performing a song for them to get more attention.

Since the original song is about a girl, I had to change the lyrics a bit to make them more appealing to me singing them. It took me about an hour and a half to finally figure out how to change the lyrics but when I was finally finished I had about an hour till performance.

I still wouldn't let them pick my outfits or how my hair or makeup would be done but I would show them pictures of how I want my makeup and hair and they do it for me.

My outfit I picked out for my first live performance was my Ying Yang tights with a black bra thing (its one of those bra's that you put under a shirt that shows your stomach. One of the decorative bra's), a white almost see through shirt, a denim vest and my big black heels.

I decided to keep to my usual makeup I always do.

When I was finished with my hair, I just had them straighten it as usual. By the time I was completely finished getting ready, it was almost time for me to go on stage and perform... one more person ahead of me and then it is my turn...

I was hoping like crazy my dad, aunt and Uncle are out there... I just need to see them even if it's from the stage.

While I was waiting to go on stage, I was practicing the movements and dancing I had to do while singing. I wasn't doing them all over the area, just in one little spot. I realized after I finished practicing, I had 1 minute till I went on stage because the guy ahead of me went on.

I walked quickly to my spot out on the blackened stage that nobody could see in the crowd and waited while everyone else got in their places. When my intro on the big screen finished, the lights came back on and everyone was able to see me and the music started.

Ladies and Gentlemen we’ve got a special treat for tonight
I’m gonna call my friend Juno up here to sing to you all
Let’s go girl

My name is Juno nice to meet you can I tell you baby
Look around there’s a whole lot of pretty babes
But none like you, you shine so bright, yeah

I was wondering if you and me could spend a minute
On the floor up and close getting lost in it
I won’t give up without a fight

I just wanna, oh baby
I just want you to dance with me tonight
So come on, oh baby
I just want you to dance with me tonight

We’re getting sweaty, hot and heavy in the crowd now
Loosen up and let you hands go down, down
Go with it boy, yeah just close your eyes, yeah

I feel the music moving through your body
Looking at you I can tell you want me
Don’t stop keep going till the morning light, yeah

When I saw you there, sitting all alone in the dark acting like you didn’t have a care
I knew right then, that you’d be mine, and we’d be dancing the whole damn night right
Oh baby, I just want you to dance with me tonight
So come on, oh baby
I just want you to dance with me tonight

Break it down now,
(yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Shake it like that,
(yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Now bring it all back
To dance with me tonight
One more time, one more time, come on now
(yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Do your thing,
(yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Everybody sing
(I just want you to dance with me tonight)

I just wanna, oh baby
I just want you to dance with me tonight
Everybody everybody come on now
Boy, just close your eyes
We can dance all through the night,
I just want you to dance with me tonight
And everybody sing
Boy just close your eyes, we can dance all through the night
I just want you to dance with me tonight
So come on boy just close your eyes
We can dance all through the night
I just want you to dance with me tonight

I finished with song with a bang all out of the breat while the crowd cheered. I couldn't help but smile and wave at the crowed while I waited for the shows host, Mario Lopez, come onto stage and have a few words with me before I had to go off stage.

While I was waiting, I looked over at Harry and he was smiling and clapping. I couldn't help but blush- but why? I don't know I don't need to worry about this right now.

"Well, that performance was really one of a kind, Juno!" Mario yelled into the mic to excite the crowd again.

When the crowed got quied he continued talking.

"Did you choose that song?" he asked still smiling.

"No." I smiled, "my mentors chose it for me."

He turned to the guys from 1D and gave them a thumbs up, "Excellent choice boys! In fact, Olly is here! Right? Isn't that funny!?"

"yeah" I chuckled.

"Okay, before you go, I must ask. Is it true that your dad and uncle are famouse?"

"Yeah," I giggled. "My dad is Ronnie Radke and my uncle is Andy Biersack. Both from Warped Tour type bands." I smiled.

"Are they here?"


"I love you juno!" someone yelled from the crowed.

I instantly recognized the voice to be my dads. He must be in the front row. I quickly scanned the front row and sure enough I saw my dad, uncle and aunt.

"Hi dad!" I said smiling big.

Mario looked in the direction of the three people waving toward me, "Well, it's nice to see you have support from the family! Now is there anything you judges would like to say?"

I looked at the judges table. Simon was first. As always.

"I honestly thought that was a wonderful performance and that you are going to go far. You proved me wrong. You are a good performer- but you still need a lot of work." Simone said honestly.

"Thank you," I said into the microphone. 

"I thought it was wonderful and you have the perfect voice for the song in the style that you did it in but you need to work on your movement." Demi smiled.

I just smiled at her.

"You ever thought about doing country? Cause I think you would be good at it." Blake asked.

"I love country music, honestly speaking." I said.

"Good." He said.

I looked at my mentors and waited for them to decide what to say.

"We all think that you are good but you do need to work on your movement." Harry said for the group.

I nodded.

"Okay! Thank you so much for your performance Juno! I hope to see you next time!" He smiled as he shooed me off the stage.

I smiled ad waved at the crowed one last time before exiting off the stage.

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