New York

A young personal style blogger struggles with the obsticles fate has given her with humor and some nice advice from her closest friends. Love, hate, drama, happiness, celebirites and parties - it's all happening in New York.


3. good news

Chapter Three // Good News

''Hey, sweetie.'' I kissed Jack on both cheeks, because all fancy people do that and I find that really amusing. "So what are you so excited? I'm getting kinda nervous."

"I'm sure that you are aware of the fashion weeks that are coming your way." He paused to wait for my confirmation and I nodded my head. "And I know that you are in front rows for many of the shows in New York and in London. Yesterday someone from London called me, as I'm your sponsor. Turns out they were calling me from British Vogue, asking for you. They want you to do a photo shoot and write an article about living in New York city and being a blogger. The photo shoot will be with another star they haven't decided on yet, he will be male and will be a celeb.''

My mouth was wide-open the whole time he talked. This was the biggest thing that has happened to me since I am a blogger, I've had photo shoots for some fashion magazines, sure, but this is Vogue we're talking about, this was huge. "Jack, this is fantastic! When do I need to get there?"

"You'll go for three weeks there - first one will be the fashion weekend and the photo shoot, but in the second and third week you will have to write the article. You'll stay in a hotel room, you can choose which. They'll pay for it all." Jack smiled, I sensed he was really happy.

"And I'm on my own there?" I started to panic for a bit.

"Yes, darling, you'll need to do it on your own. But hey - you can do this."

That's why I loved Jack so much - he always had my back and he believed in me. That's what matters the most.

After the big news, we had brunch and talked about the usual, no surprises there. Jack had to go to another meeting, so I was left alone with my Greek salad and orange juice. I didn't mind eating alone, actually I enjoyed being alone more than anything. When I finished eating, I took one more orange juice to go, put on my round leopard sunglasses and went home - I had an article to write.

When I got home, there was a new message on my answering machine. 

"You have one new message." The lady in the machine stated.

"Hey, Poppy, it's Tom. The guy who ran into you in the morning? I just wanted to ask if you have any plans for tonight? If not, call me."

I thought about calling back for a while. Sure, he was cute and I loved his music (not that he needs to know that, just now), but I didn't know if I wanted to do anything with him in a romantic way. Everyone knows that I have big commitment issues, and that is the reason why I've never been in a serious relationship. I had my career to concentrate on and I had my friends, I loved my life too much to have a relationship. But then again, we could have a nice affair, musicians seem to be into that. And if he is from Great Britain, he'll eventually go back, so it's a win-win situation.

I called him back.

"Tom? It's Poppy Harris calling you back. Hi."

"Oh, hey, I'm really glad you called." I still couldn't get used to the accent but it sure was charming. "I have a concert tonight, it's actually the last one on this tour at the Irving Plaza. Afterwards we'll all go to the afterparty at the Corsby Street Hotel, I was wondering if you want to join me."

I could see the Crosby Street Hotel from my window now, coincidence or fate?

"I'd love to, when does the concert start?"

We talked for a while about the details and I hung up. Actually, it was pretty amazing - I'm having kind of a date tomorrow with Tom Odell. The musician who made me cry with his songs. It's weird but good. 

That night I wrote an article about meeting people and living for yourself, that's what I'm doing and it makes me happy. I fell asleep with the sound of New York cars and people enjoying themselves outside. Even if I lived in the city that never sleeps, I enjoyed a good night sleep. Especially, if I had a date with a lovely boy in the evening.

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