More Than Friends?

(Justin is not famous in this movella. sorry guys lol)
Hi. My name is Kaylie. my best friend is Justin Bieber. Just to let you guys know...i like justin. a lot. like crazy. but he doesnt know it. and it kills me everyday because i just want to be with him. my other best friend, Dani, knows this. and were all best friends. but something turns bad when i find out that justin might like Dani...


6. Why me?

Kaylies P.O.V.

Justin started to lean in and...


"UGH, one second" he said while getting off of the bed, walking out to the balcony and answering his phone. "Hello?"

Was Justin gonna kiss me? No. He couldn't do that. He doesn't like me. I know he doesn't. He never hints it. Oh wait. Does he? I don't know. maybe. Wel-

"Okay I'm back" he said while jumping back on top of me. "Just my mom checking to see where I was" "Oh yeah its getting late, I think you should go back" I said while getting up. "Hey, whats the rush? We didn't even get to eat the M&Ms yet" He said with a wink. "Alright fine, 10 more minutes. But then you're out of here Bieber" I said with a sly smirk.

We ended up eating and laughing for the next 45 minutes. I'm falling harder and harder for him. I don't know if i can keep it all inside anymore. Should i just ask him? No don't be ridiculous Kaylie. He has to make the first move. But what if he never does it? What am i gonna do.

"Kaylie?....Kaylie?....Kaylie?" I heard Justin say as he nudged me. "Oh sorry i was just thinking" I said trying to play it cool. "Oh thinking about what?" I didn't see that coming. Shit. What am i gonna say. DONT JUST SIT THERE KAYLIE SAY SOMETHING.

"I was thinking about you" I said while turning away. Great. Now you've done it. I was about to get off the bed when Justin pulled me back and said "How so?" "Well I don't know. Just that I'm lucky enough to have you as a best friend" I said shrugging and giving him a huge bear hug. That outta do it.

Justins P.O.V.

"I was thinking about you" She said while turning away from me. ME? SHES THINKING ABOUT ME? Oh my goodness. I knew it. I pulled her back and said "How so?" "Well I don't know. Just that I'm lucky enough to have you as a best friend" she said while shrugging and smiled and gave me a huge hug. Best friends huh? Well, now I'm definitely stuck in the friend-zone.

After that i decided i was gonna head home. I told Kaylie goodnight and climbed off the balcony and down the tree. While i was walking home i couldn't stop but think about Kaylie. Why would she be thinking about me as a best friend? I mean do people actually do that. There has to be something behind this. And I'm gonna find out.

I walk into my house and straight upstairs to my room. I lay on my bed letting out a big sigh of frustration. "You really like her huh?" I heard my moms voice behind me say. I got up and turned to face her. She was leaning on the doorframe with her arms crossed. "You know Justin, you've never been the type to just go with the flow." She said while coming to sit on the side of the bed next to me. "I know you like her. I can see the love still in your eyes. If you want to show her that, you need to do it before its too late." She said while kissing my forehead. "But thats just it, Mom. She told me tonight that she was lucky enough to have me as a best friend. Now I'm stuck in the friend-zone forever." I said while laying back. "Justin, you've obviously forgotten that i was once a teenage girl...and i know that Kaylie doesn't mean that." Now that caught my attention. "She doesn't?!?" i said while gripping my moms shoulders. "No sweetie, she said that because shes scared that if she does fall for you, then you'll break her heart." she said while taking my hands into hers. "If i help you with this, and it works, you have to promise me Justin, that you will try your hardest to make Kaylie the happiest she can be." my mom said while staring right into my eyes. I took a deep breath and let out "I promise."


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