More Than Friends?

(Justin is not famous in this movella. sorry guys lol)
Hi. My name is Kaylie. my best friend is Justin Bieber. Just to let you guys know...i like justin. a lot. like crazy. but he doesnt know it. and it kills me everyday because i just want to be with him. my other best friend, Dani, knows this. and were all best friends. but something turns bad when i find out that justin might like Dani...


10. This Better Be True

Kaylies POV


Today is the first time I'm going to school since my "accident". Justin and I walked to school together. He held my hand the whole way there, making sure i was his. I really hope we don't get stared at, at school.


We got to school with 10 minutes to spare, so i went to my locker to get my books for my first class.


As I'm walking to History, I see someone that looked all too familiar, leaning against Justin. I looked closely and saw someone I never would've thought would do this to me, Dani, my best friend. Well now, former best friend. How could she? I could see that Justin didn't like it because he was trying to get away from her, but she kept pushing herself on him.

Should I go over there?

No I think I'll wait and see what will happen.

Slowly, Dani starts getting off of Justin, but right before she leaves, she gives him a kiss on the cheek. OH NO SHE DIDNT.

This hurts a lot.

I start walking with my head down towards history, but someone bumps into me.

"Ow" he says while trying to get up. I look up to see Justin. He has bloodshot eyes. Was he crying?

"Justin!" I yell while jumping on him giving him a hug. Immediately, a huge smile spread across his face showing his dimples. I love those dimples. "Hi babe" he said kissing me on the cheek. It's annoying that i just saw my best friend kiss Justins cheek, but i have to play it cool. We gather our books and start walking to history. We are gonna be so late. As were walking, i feel another hand grab mine and intertwine our fingers. It makes me feel so good that Justin likes to do these things. Like most guys would be like "Ew why would i hold her hand?" you know?

We get to history and of course, my teacher Mrs. Chill, gets mad. Shes not chill at all. Get it? lol. ( i actually have a teacher Mrs. Chill and shes soo mean. but she likes me so ha suck it.) She yells at us and gives us detention. I explain to her that i bumped into someone and Justin happened to walk by and help me up, because i had just been in the hospital. Right then, everyone in the room started saying "You were in the hospital?" "What happened?" Of course no one realized i was gone. Mrs. Chill surprisingly took my excuse and told me not to let it happen again. I assured her it wouldn't happen again, but i know it would.

History is probably the worst class. Its so boring. And, to make it worse, i couldn't concentrate at all because i had Justin staring at me the whole time! "Quit staring at me!" i said trying to sound serious but failed miserably. He took it as a joke and continued staring, now even more intensely. He will never stop, so i gave up.


History was finally over, and i went to my locker to get my books for my next class. As i was closing my locker, Dani jumped in front of me making me flinch a bit. "Hiya!" she said while giving me a hug. "Whats up?" she said while linking her arm with mine, and started walking to English. Yes we have all the same classes together.

We get to English, and i sit down in my seat trying to ignore Dani and listen to the teacher for once. "Hey" she whispered to me. Don't answer Kaylie. Don't do it. "Hey!....Yo!....Dude!" she whisper screamed. Fine. "What?" i said with a bit of annoyance in my tone. "Rawr someones in a mood" she said turning around and facing her attention back to the teacher. Of course I'm in a mood. Ugh i wish i didn't see them, but then again it taught me that i cant trust Dani. 

English was over, and now it was lunchtime. Lunchtime funtime. Not. Now i need to avoid Dani and Justin. I just need to think this through more. I'm not mad at Justin because I saw what went down. But i just need to gather my thoughts together about Dani. 

I got my lunch and decided to eat outside in the courtyard. No one ever eats here. 

I was about to take a bite of my sandwich when i see someone coming towards me from the corner of my eye. I dont recognize them but theyre coming closer. "Hi, is anyone sitting here?" the boy asks. Out of all the tables out here he asks if anyone is sitting at my table. Idiot. "No, no ones sitting here. You can sit." i said gesturing my hand towards the bench of the table. "Thanks" he mumbled. Strange, I dont recognize this kid at all. Not even a little. "So, are you new here?" i ask him trying to make conversation. "Yeah, I just moved here from Nee Jersey." (woop woop jersey lol) "Oh cool, i have relatives there...Whats your name?" i asked trying not to sound desperate, after all, i do have a boyfriend. Which reminds me, hes probably worried about me, and looking for me. "Jacob" i heard. "What?" i asked him completely lost because of my thoughts. "My name, Its Jacob" i said looking down at his food. We got a shy boy over here. "Well, Jacob, I'm Kaylie. If you want, i could show you around?" i said getting up motioning that he should join me. He looked up from his food with a slight smile. "Sure" he said with a cheeky grin. That grin looks so much like Justins. Remember Kaylie, you have a boyfriend, you have a boyfriend. 

I was showing Jacob around when i heard someone yelling my name. "Kaylie! Hey! Wait up!" the voice yelling running over to me. I turn around to see someone i did not want to see. 



Hehe hi guys

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