More Than Friends?

(Justin is not famous in this movella. sorry guys lol)
Hi. My name is Kaylie. my best friend is Justin Bieber. Just to let you guys know...i like justin. a lot. like crazy. but he doesnt know it. and it kills me everyday because i just want to be with him. my other best friend, Dani, knows this. and were all best friends. but something turns bad when i find out that justin might like Dani...


8. The Date

Justins P.O.V.

I'll let you guys know the secret I'm planning for Kaylie. First off, its a scavenger hunt. She has to start at her house and follow all the clues. It ends in her favorite place...the beach.

Its all ready to go. Just have to get the first envelope to Kaylie.

Kaylies P.O.V.

I was catching up on some reading when all of a sudden an envelope flew through my window. Well that was odd. I walk over to it and it says my name on it. Well this just keeps getting weirder and weirder. I open it to find a note inside:

"Roses are red, your eyes are blue. I dont know how to write poems, so here it is...:p...Go to the place where you like to think."


Where i like to think? Oh the treehouse! Wait, is this a date?

I go to the treehouse and find a purple envelope with my name on it. It said:

"So youve found the third clue. Very nice Kaylie, very nice. Now, go to the cafe you like to go to to study."


Pushy much haha. Okay Karen's Cafe it is (Sorry I'm obsessed with One Tree Hill). I love that place. For some reason I'm able to focus better there than i am anywhere else.

I get there and see a waitress standing by the door. "Hi welcome to Karens Cafe. Are you by any chance Kaylie?" the waitress said cheerily. "Why yes, i am" i said with a big smile. Maybe too big. She smiled back and handed me the purple envelope. Inside there was a note

"Yes Kaylie that is money you see. No i don't want it back. I want you to go to the address on the card and pick out THE dress. What do i mean by THE, well lets say the next clue is on the dress."


It better be nice haha I'm kidding. He has good taste so it should be good.

I go into the store and start looking around for THE dress. After about 5 minutes of looking and no luck, i went to the cashier and asked if someone had put an envelope on one of the dresses. They showed me over to the dress and wow can i say Justin has amazing taste. Purple maxi dress with different shades of purple in stripes. I love it. I paid for it with the money Justin gave me and opened the envelope:

"I see you found the fourth envelope, that means you found the dress. I knew you'd love it. Now i didn't make an envelope for this but you need to put the dress on :p. So go find a bathroom put it on and then continue reading the note"


I found a bathroom and put on the dress. I did a little twirl in it before walking outside. Now to finish the note:

"Now that you have the dress on, come and make your way down to where we go everyday of the summer...your favorite place. I'll be waiting."


I quickly ran towards the beach and i saw the most beautiful sunset. I bet Justin did this on purpose, because he knows how much i love sunsets. I start walking down the stairs towards the sand when i feel a hand creep over my eyes. "Do you like the view?" Oh its Justin. "Well, I cant see, can i?" I said moving his hand away and turning around to see those caramel eyes i love. "Hi" he said with his hands in his pockets and biting his lip. Oh what a turn on. "Hi" i said in almost a whisper. "Did you plan all this yourself?" "Yeah, I did." He said looking down for a second and then right back up. "Do you like it so far?" "Justin, this is amazing i lo-wait, so far?" i said sounding so surprised. "Yeah theres more. Come on." He said taking my hand. Well okay. 




hi everyone

this is the first part of "the date" 

im jealous lol


how do you like far 


eh see what i did there

ok enough

lemme know what you think in da comments below

dont be shy

i dont bite




and stay cool babes. 


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