More Than Friends?

(Justin is not famous in this movella. sorry guys lol)
Hi. My name is Kaylie. my best friend is Justin Bieber. Just to let you guys know...i like justin. a lot. like crazy. but he doesnt know it. and it kills me everyday because i just want to be with him. my other best friend, Dani, knows this. and were all best friends. but something turns bad when i find out that justin might like Dani...


3. Hospital

Justin's P.OV. 

We got to the hospital and the doctors told me to tell them exactly what happened. I told them all that i could, including that Kaylie had bumped into someone and got that nasty bruise on her head. They told me that she has a mild concussion, and that she needs rest. "Can i see her?" I asked them with a bit of sadness in my voice. They exchanged looks for about 2 minutes. I swear they only did this to bother me. Finally one looks towards me and says: "Oh alright, but no fooling around. I know what you kids do these days" He said with a glare. "Yes sir." i said motioning with a salute. The other doctors chuckled while i ran away to Kaylies room. 

I walk in and see her sleeping. She's so cute when shes sleeping. I wish i could just hold her and never let her go. And tell her everything's gonna be okay. What am i saying. Justin pull it together. You like Dani, not Kaylie. But now i kinda like Kaylie. And Dani hasn't been the nicest to me lately. Now that shes been seeing this other guy. I wonder if Kaylie knows about this. 

I pulled out my phone checking my texts when i saw Kaylie flutter her eyes open. "Justin?" she said with a shaky voice. "Don't worry Kaylie I'm here" i said as i walked over to her bed and knelt down beside it. "What..What happened?" she said while trying to sit up but because of her head she couldn't and she fell back down. "You have a mild concussion so you might be a bit dizzy for a while" i said while helping her sit up. "You hungry?" "Yeah a little" she said while holding ice to her head. "Well good because here's your favorite...Mac and Cheese." I brought her the bowl and laughed at the look on her face. She was so excited. She started eating it so fast. "Woahh slow down there or your gonna get a stomachache." She giggled. Man i love that giggle. "But its sooo good" she said while stuffing more in her face. "Okay that's enough" i said taking the bowl away from her. "Fine" she said pouting. "So when can i leave?" she asked with an anxious smile on her face. "I'll go find out. Stay here." i said while walking out to one of the doctors. "Woof" she said with a little giggle. I had to admit that that was funny. She never had those good comebacks. I asked the doctor when she could leave and he said that would could leave now. "Great! Thank you!" i said while running back to the room. But when i got there...the sight wasn't pretty. "YOU!" said a voice i knew far too well....Kaylie's Father. 



heyy guys. hows ur weekend goinn? mine sucks. been studying all day and i wrote this during my breaks. BUT THERES SNOW ON THE GROUND SO ITS ALLLLL GOOD. haha hope you guys enjoy this chapter. WHAT DO YOU THINK KAYLIE'S FATHER IS GONNA DO. dun dun dun. you'll only know if you FAVORITE THIS. so Like it, Favorite, Comment ur ideas and ill try to update as soon as i can....maybe even in a couple of hours ;) love yall. 

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