Stranded With Them! *Harry Styles FanFic*

Meadow and Emma are Best Friends. Emma won tickets to go on a Vacation to Hawaii with one person. Emma Decided to take her best friend Meadow. They both get on a plane. The two things they don't know about is that One they are on the same plane as One Direction. Emma is a huge fan but Meadow hates them so much. Two that they plane is going to crash. One Direction, Meadow, and Emma are the only survivors. What will they do? What are things that they need to survive?


5. With Just Him.....

*Meadow's POV*

I looked to see who picked me up and it was..... Harry? Why was he helping me?

"Harry put me down now."


"Harry, now. I can take care of myself." I said started to get mad.

"I dont care. I want to help you."

"Why? There is no point."

He didnt say anything. He ran to this cave thing on the rocks. 

This is what the beach looks like:

We ran into the this cave thing thats was hidden in the trees. Harry finally put me down.

"Thank God. You finally listen." I said mad.

I was about to run out but Lightning struck and it started to just pour like heck. I looked back at Harry and he was really sad. He sad down and I went over to the corner away from him and sat down. This is going to be long. I ended up falling asleep.

*After Nap*

I woke up and it was still pouring outside. I looked around the cave and saw that is was just me and Harry. I guess Harry lost them when he came and helped me. I looked over at Harry and he was sitting there just looking outside. He looked like he had been crying. Aww now im going to cry. I cant stand to see him cry. I walked over to him and he looked up at me and he looked sad and scared. Why was he scared of me?


He looked back outside again. I bent down and gave him a hug. Then he moved his arms so that he could hug me? Harry was hugging me. He pulled me ask close as we could get and we just sat the hugging. I finally got up and walk away. 

Once I got to me spot I looked at Harry and then tried to sit like how I would but I felt this huge pain.


"What is it?" Harry said getting up.

"My Leg."

I turned my leg over and there was this huge cut going up my whole leg.

"Is that from the crash?" Harry asked.

"I think so. I dont know. Cause Emma pulled me out and I was blacked out. She thought I died like almost the whole plane. Once she saw that you guys were okay she was so happy. I am so sorry that I yelled at you. Its just I dont like One Direction but I like you. You are really nice and a great friend. I am so glad that I went for a jog that day or we would of never met."

"Oh Well I am glad that you are okay and it is okay if you yelled at me. I never told you that I was in One Direction. I guess I thought if I told you you would freak out. Like one of the other people. That is why. I am so glad we met too." He said with a smile.

"Oh, no I would never freak out. I cant even scream only if I get scared so yah."

"Oh, I see now."


"Here can I see your scarf?"

"Yah, sure."

I gave him my scarf and he wrapped up my leg with it. I know it may seem dumb but it  will help until we find something. Harry helped me sit down and he sat down next to me. We just sat there talking waiting for the rain to stop. Then this huge cold breeze came across me. Im wearing a sweatshirt but Im still cold from it. Harry I think notice and he put his arm around me and pulled me into his side. I cuddled up on to his side and fell back asleep.

*Next Day*

I woke up and Harry was still with me. He is pretty cute when he is sleeping. No what am I thinking. No. I slowly got up with out waking him thankfully. I walked outside and the sun was out and it looked nice. I walked out and looked in the forest thing. 

I walked for a while and I found coconuts. It took a good 8 minutes to get them down but I got them down and walked back to the cave thing. I walked in and I could hear Harry yelling my name.

"Meadow! Meadow. Oh my god. What am I going to Emma. Oh my god. No." I could hear Harry say.

"Harry." I yelled.

He turned around and he was so happy. He run up to me and gave me a hug.

"I thought I lost you."

"Oh, Im sorry. I should of told you that I was going out. Sorry I didnt know I was going to be long."

"Its okay."

"I found something to eat and drink for now. Here."


We sat there and drank out coconuts.

"Where do you think that rest are?" I asked Harry.

"I dont know. You want to go and look for them."

"Wait, do you have your phone?"

"No, it is dead. What about you?"

"It was smashed during the crash."

"Oh, Im sorry."

"Its okay..... Lets go."

We both go up and walked out. We walked until we found the beach. We walked along the beach line and we saw something up ahead. We walked all the way up there and It was part of the plane wing. We keep walking and saw the plane on the ground.

"Oh my god Harry."

"Yah, I know."

"Come on. It will be okay."

I grabbed onto his arm and we both walked threw everything. We both were really quiet walking threw.

"Here." Harry said.

I looked and he grabbed some type of cloth thing. He put it in his sweatshirt pocket. 

*About 3 hours later I think?*

Harry and I decided to make a shelter with some of the plane stuff like up against the rocks but still on the sand so it is soft for us. We got done pretty fast and it was a pretty good place to stay in for now even though it took forever! We both went out, I got some food and Harry got some water bottle things from somewhere. He filled them up with water so we can cook it later to kill whatever can kill us that is in the water.

I went inside and put the food down and went back outside. I went around and grabbed some sticks and stuff to help us make a fire. I went and started to try to start a fire. Emma is so much better at this then me.

"Need Help?" someone asked.

I turned around and saw it was Harry.

"Im fine. "

"Meadow, I know that you dont want to be here right now. I understand. I know you hate me I know but can we please get along and at least try to live and stay alive?"

"Harry, I never said I hated you. Im just a little but upset that you never told me you were in One Direction. I know that I could of been a crazy fan but at least you could of texted me it."

"I'm really sorry Meadow. I know I should of but I dont know what I was thinking. I'm sorry."

I sat there and just was thinking. I looked at Harry and he looked disappointed.

"Can you help me?" I asked not knowing what to say.


He came down by me and helped me get the fire started. Once we got it started we warmed the water and once that was done we let is cool off so we could drink it later. We cooked our food and ate.

*Night Time*

It was getting closer to night. I went into the house and put a blanket down that we found and then I put the other blanket on the side just in case. Harry came in.

"Im wiped you?"

"Yah. Least we got a lot done today so tomorrow we just need to try to find them."


I looked outside and it was now dark outside. I went back inside. I took off my sweatshirt and I had a tanktop on. I went and laid down. I put my arms up so I could lay on them as a pillow. I was going to closed my eyes when I looked at Harry who came into the room and he was shirt-less. Omg. I shook my hand and closed my eyes. I felt Harry lay down and I opened my eyes and he was really close to me and he was looking at me.

"You okay Harry?"

"Yah, sorry didnt mean to scare you."

"No, your fine."


I closed my eyes and then I felt someone pull me close to them. I pushed by but kept my eyes closed cause I knew it was Harry. He tried again but he was strong then me and he won. I opened my eyes and I was laying on his chest.


"Yah?" He said looking at me.


"Meadow, it is okay. Ill use this blanket as my pillow. Its fine."

"Um..... Okay."

"I promise nothing bad will happen."


Then after that I fell into a deep sleep.

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