Stranded With Them! *Harry Styles FanFic*

Meadow and Emma are Best Friends. Emma won tickets to go on a Vacation to Hawaii with one person. Emma Decided to take her best friend Meadow. They both get on a plane. The two things they don't know about is that One they are on the same plane as One Direction. Emma is a huge fan but Meadow hates them so much. Two that they plane is going to crash. One Direction, Meadow, and Emma are the only survivors. What will they do? What are things that they need to survive?


7. The Other Side Of The Story *Emma's POV*

*Emma's POV*

I felt so bad for meadow. I know she is upset now and everything. The storm was headed our way so all the boys and I ran. I tried to get Meadow but she wouldn't come. I looked back and Harry stopped and picked her up. I didn't look where I was going and when I looked ahead I ran right into a tree.

I was lucky I was ahead of the group and didn't get knocked out.

"Here." someone said and helped me up.


"No problem." I looked and Niall was there.

"Come on." He said grabbing my hand and running again.

*5 minutes*

We made it so we were somewhere covered and protected for now. I looked and everyone was there but Meadow and Harry.

"Um..... Liam?"


"Where is Harry and Meadow?"

"Omg. I think when Harry stopped to help her he lost track of us and probably went somewhere else to hide."

" I hope they are okay."

"I know Harry will take care of her." Liam said giving me a hug.

I hugged him back and we all just sat down and said nothing. I got my phone out and tried calling Meadow but there was no. I mean NO signal at all.

"You okay love?" Niall said sitting next to me.

"Yah, Ill be fine just worried about it."

"You sure?"

"Thanks Niall but im just worried about my friend."

"Yah, we know same here. Well go looking tomorrow when the storm clears okay?"


I leaned into Niall a little bit and he put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

*Next day*

I woke up and looked at everyone Louis was crying and so was Zayn. Weird. I got up with out waking up Niall and walked over to them.

"Are you guys okay?"

"Yah." Louis said quietly.

"No your not you both are crying. Whats wrong?"

"Harry." Louis said.

"Harry and him are really close. Everyone has like this romantic thing for us and Harry and Louis are like brothers and so they call them Larry the fans do. So yah."

"Oh Louis." I said hugging him.

He hugged me back and just cried.

"Louis please dont cry please dont. Everything will be okay. Zayn why are you crying?"

"Cause I dont know where Liam went."

I looked around and he was gone. I walked over to Niall and shook him awake.

"Yah love?"

"2 things why you keep calling me love? Like I dont mind it. It does not bother me just wondering. and 2nd Liam is gone."

"What oh my god and also I dont know your name love."

"Oh it is Emma."

"Emma. That is a really pretty name for a pretty girl like you."

"Awww." I turned around and Liam was back and all three of them said it.

I blushed and hide in Niall's chest and said 'Thanks'. I heard all the boys laughing and Niall put his arms around me and just held me. I love this boy so much.

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