Stranded With Them! *Harry Styles FanFic*

Meadow and Emma are Best Friends. Emma won tickets to go on a Vacation to Hawaii with one person. Emma Decided to take her best friend Meadow. They both get on a plane. The two things they don't know about is that One they are on the same plane as One Direction. Emma is a huge fan but Meadow hates them so much. Two that they plane is going to crash. One Direction, Meadow, and Emma are the only survivors. What will they do? What are things that they need to survive?


2. Alone, Taylor Swfit >:(, The Tickets, and The Flight

*Meadow's POV*

We were sitting there on the beach when One Direction came on. I was going to freak out on Emma but Something hit me and I kinda liked the song. What no. I hate One Direction so much. 

"Emma." I said acting mad.

"I'll Change it." She said and sounded upset.

"No. Leave it. Its fine. I kinda like this song but does not mean I like them I still hate them." 

"Okay." She said.

We sat there for another hour at least. It was now 5:30. We went inside and ate sometime. Emma make herself like a huge supper and I just ate an apple and called it good. 

I went upstairs and took a shower.

*After Shower*

After I took my shower and brushed my hair put on cloths I went downstairs and saw Emma on the couch watching a movie. I didnt really feel like in the mood to do anything. I grabbed a water and went upstairs to go to bed. I dont know why but I was tired so I went upstairs and went to bed.

*Next Day*


Today I decided that we should pack for the trip. I got up and went downstairs and Emma was on the couch with popcorn everywhere. I aint cleaning that up she can clean that. 

I went into the kitchen and made some eggs, bacon, biscuits and pancakes. once everything was made and cooks. Emma came into the kitchen.

"How do you always end up waking up right as something is being surved?"

"I dont know." She said.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed two plates and put food on each plate. I handed Emma her plate and she sat down.

"What do you want to drink?"

"What do you have?"

"I have apple juice, Orange Juice, Milk, Chocolate Milk, or water."

"Orange juice please."

"Okay. I grabbed the orange juice and apple juice.

I poured her a glass of orange juice and me a glass of apple juice. I sat down and we ate breakfast.

After Breakfast I put away the dishes and food while Emma went and cleaned her mess. I ran upstairs and changed into like this:

I went downstairs and Emma was there getting ready. Where was she going?

"Hey Meadow."

"Hey where are you going?"

"I have to run to my house to get something and to call my boss. I will be back tomorrow or on Friday is that okay?"

"Yah, I have to go to work and get packed so that is all im doing."

"Okay and also look out for the tickets kay?"

"What isent that your job."

"Yah, I know but I am not responsible and will lose them so I had them sent to your place."

"Fine. Okay I will."

We both walked outside and I locked the door.

"So Ill see you soon?"

"Yep. Bye Em"

"Bye, Meadow"

We both got into our cars and went to work or home. I drove to work. I have to drive 30 minutes to get to work. The other town that is near me is 45 minutes and then where Emma lives its 1 1/2.  I work at a guitar place. I dont get paid a lot of money only 5 dollars a week. So I get 25 dollars every month. Its hard to find a job in this town and the next town is like about an hour or two away. This is the only best job in this town. Oh by the way Emma live an hour 1/2 away from me. 

*After Work*

After Work (1245) I went and got something to eat at Micdonalds. Then headed home.

Once I got home I went and sat on the couch. It was really lonely here. I dont have enough money to get a pup. I barley get to go out. That is only like once a year. I have to save my money so I can pay off the house, Get food, Water bills, and  Electric bills too. So Yah I cant go and get a puppy to have around the place or a cat. I dont have a boyfriend either. To be honest I have never had one. Its weird, but I can believe that cause no guy would like me. Like People say im pretty but it is not that my personality is different. I am so not like other people that is why I cant get a boyfriend.

Anyways. I watched the news and saw that it is was going to be nice the rest of the weak. That is good. I went up-stairs and dressed into something more comfy like this: 

I decided to go for a run outside. I put in my music and started to run.

I ran for a good 15 minutes. Then I decided to stop at a park that was about 1/2 a mile away. 

Once I got there I walked around and I looked to my left and saw a guy and girl. I was walking the path and it brought me closer to them. I paused my music and stopped so it looked like I was texting on my ipod. I listened carefully so I could hear what they were saying.  

*Boy-B Girl-G*

B- What are you talking about?

G- I'm breaking up with you.

B- What! I can change please don't leave me please. I love you please dont.

G- Thats the problem. I don't love you. I have never loved you. 

B- What and I loved you and gave you everything.

G- Well, to be honest I was kinda using you.

B- What? You used me. 

I could hear the boy's voice get softer.

G- I got to go. Bye

I looked up and I saw the girl come my way.

G- You better watch it!

She said to me. What did I do? I keep on walking and I saw the boy sitting on the ground crying. I felt really bad so I walked over to him.

"Um, Sir. Are you okay?" I asked.

He looked up at me and then he laid his face on the side so he was looking off to the side. I bent down infront of him.

"Hey, Not be getting into your business or anything but I kinda heard what happened and I am really sorry about it too."

He looked right up into my eyes.

"Thanks. I just can't believe that happened."

"Yah. I know. I still cant believe she used you. Who was she?"

"Her name was Taylor Swift."

"Oh, I have heard about her. She is just not a nice person."


I sat down next to him.

"It will be okay. I dont know what it feels like but I guess its like lossing someone you love. Like my dad."

"Yah, Wait what do you mean you dont know what it feels like?"

"I have never had a boyfriend so I dont know what it feels like."

"A Beautiful girl like you have never had a boyfriend? Not even your first kiss."

"Thanks and no."

"Thats stupid. You are a very pretty girl. Those boys must be dumb to not see how pretty you are."


"Yup. So. Um..... Were you running Im guessing?"


"You live around here?"

"Yah, not to far. I dont live in town I live by the beach."



"I love the beach."

"Same here. It is a really nice house. It is just....."

"Just what?"


"No, what is it?"

"The town I have to go to work they only give me 5 dollars a week. So every month I get 25 dollars. It is just enough money to pay off the water bill and stuff and enough to get me some food. That is it."

"Oh, I am really sorry. I want to help you."

"Oh, no you dont have too."

"I want to though."

"I dont want to take money or anything from you."

"Here. Its my number if you need anything or something just call me. Okay? And dont worry My family makes plenty of money." He said getting up.

"Oh okay thanks and Kay. Thank you."

He put his hands out and offered to help me up. I accepted the help and he pulled me up. Then we started to walk out of the park.

"So, how far do you live from here?"

"Not to far. I ran for 15 minutes."

"Wow. That is really long!"

"Yah, I know. I was bored and trying to waste time. My friend is taking me to Hawaii. She wont tickets on this radio station."

"Oh thats Awesome."

"Yah. Well, I should probably get going."

"Well, What town is that close to you?"

"Oh, that is Doncaster."

"Oh really?"


"Is it okay if I walk with you?"

"Yah, sure."

"Thanks, my friend is suppose to pick me up there."

"Oh, okay. I can give you a ride there once we get to my place."

"That would be great. Thanks."

No problem."

We started to walk all the way to my house.  

"So. how old are you?"

"I am 16. You?"

"I am 17."

"I see. Whats your name I never got that."

"Oh my name is Harry."

"Oh Well, Nice to met you Harry and you too....."


"Meadow. That is a very pretty name."


"So Meadow if you dont mind me asking where are your parents?"

"Oh, Them."

"You dont have to say."

"No it is fine. My Parents got a divorce. My dad moved away and my dad was really depressed and he passed and they dont know where my mum went so I was able to take care of my self only if I didnt get in trouble. Which I havent."

"Oh, I am so sorry. My parents got a divorce too."

"Oh Im sorry."

"It is okay. My Step-Dad is he actually really nice."

"That is good."


We finally got my house. We both went inside and grabbed some water bottles before we left.

Once we got a water bottle and a snack we left for town.

"Your place is very lovely."  Harry said.

"Well, thank you."

"No problem."

We drove in silent it was not awkward. There was small talk but not much. I drove him to Micdonalds and his friend was there.

"Well, there is Louis."

"Oh okay."

"Thanks for the ride and it was very nice to met you."

"No problem and it was very nice to met you too. I had a great time."

"Me too." Harry said.

Then he leaned over and gave me a hug and a kiss on the check. I smiled at him and he got out of the car. I watched him get into his car and I started to drive off he waved to me and I waved back at him. On my way home I put my CD that Emma got me in. It was the Demi Lavato one. I love her so much. She is so awesome. The song I Really Dont Care Came on and I just sang and sang.

*At home*

It was about 600. I went and made some mac and cheese. After supper I went upstairs I put on the Demi CD and started to get packed. I was half way threw packing and started to get tired. So I stopped and went to bed.

*Next Day*


I woke up and went downstairs. I grabbed some waffles and put them in the toaster. Then grabbed some apple juice. I was walking to the living room and I passed by the door. The mail was here. I grabbed it off the ground and looked threw it. There was a Water bill and my pay ment for the end of the month.

I looked at the money it said 150 bucks. What this can't be right! I read the note. It said that someone with tons of money bought the place and now I work for them and I got a raise so now I get 150 dollars every month. Oh my god this is going to save everything and now everything is going to be better. I opened up the bill. 100 dollars. That is not bad. 

I walked back to the kitchen and grabbed my waffles and went to the living room. The movie Superman was on. I love superman Emma loves batman. Anyways I watched that and after that was over I ran upstairs and finished packing. I had two suitcases. One with cloths and the other with like three sets of shoes and shower stuff, brush and that kind of stuff. no make-up. I dont wear make-up at all. I hate it. The rest of the day I was being Lazy and just watched movies for the rest of the day.

*Next Day*


I woke up on the couch and didnt want to get up but I did. I walked to the door and there was one letter today. I picked it up and opened it. It said. 

Con-grates on winning and there were two tickets to Hawaii. now I was really excited about this. I put it up on the fridge. I grabbed some apple juice cause I was not hungry this morning. I heard a knock on the door it was Emma.

"Ready to go?"

"Yah, one sec." 

I finished my juice and run upstairs and put on something random and came back down with my suitcases. I grabbed the tickets and then went outside and I closed the door and put my stuff in the back of her car. I was staying at Emma's place so it would not have to be a long drive to the airport. I was messing around with my phone and remembered Harry's number. I had the piece of paper on the back of my phone. I put his number in and decided to text him.


"Hey. Who is this?"

"Oh Yah Sorry this is Meadow."

"Oh Hey. Srry about that."

"It is okay. Whats up?"

"Getting ready for tomorrow going on a trip with my friends."

"Oh that sounds fun. Yah, I am going to my friends house so we can make the flight tomorrow."

"Sounds fun."

"Lol Yah."


We finally got to Emma's house and I grabbed my bag with my set of cloths for tomorrow.

*Night Timeish*

I went into the guest bedroom and charged my phone and then someone called me. I looked at the phone it was Harry. I really wanted to pick up but I was to tired. I was about to but I fell asleep.

*Next Day*

(Saturday Day of the Trip)

Emma woke me up the next day I put everything back into the bag and grabbed my new cloths. I changed into this:

I did my hair fast and then went downstairs. We jumped into the car and headed to the plane. The plane left at 1100. It was 1030. Good timing. Takes 10 minutes to get there.

*That the airport*

Once we got there it was 1040. We went threw the scanner and the they took our bags and we went to the plane. We handed the ladie the tickets. She showed us to first class. What I guess Emma got first class ones. Sweet this will be awesome. 


It was time for the plane to take off this will be fun. Then Emma started to freak out.

"Hey whats up?"

"Did you hear the One Direction is suppose to be on this plane with us. AHHHH"

Great. Just what I needed!

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